Friday, October 1, 2010

A Day in the Life of... A Stay at Home Mom! (Jamie!)

Today our Alaska’s Kids Organizer Jamie, shares one day in her life as a stay at home mom to her three little ones! With three kids under the age of four she shares how crazy, but amazing, life with Kaden-3, Brooke-2, and Kora-6 weeks, can be.

Kora is rooting around, time to feed her.

Oops! Woke up and Kora was asleep on the boppy that is still around my waist. The whole reason I try to sit up when I nurse her is so I DON’T fall asleep!

Kora is hungry again, sigh. Everyone else in the household is sleeping except me….one day.

Nursing again…. In 30 minutes my other kids are going to be up and (I say this while whining like a two year old) I’m so tired!! I want sleep too!!!

Kora is sleeping peacefully beside me until she spits up on herself, which of course is also on me, and yeah. Of course since she just spit up she’s hungry again so I pull out the boob; maybe I can go back to sleep and the kids will sleep in today!

Fat chance. Kaden is up! I’m thankful that I can give him directions to go use the bathroom, that should buy me a couple more minutes in bed.

Brooke is up! Gotta change her, then put clothes on all three kids. Of course I’m still in my PJ’s.

Ugh! Kora just spit up all over the bed and me! Well at least I’ll get to go shower but now I’ve got to change Kora…again.

While I’m nursing Kora again I get to sit with and actually talk to my husband.

Time to take a (very) quick shower and get myself ready. At least I don’t look as frumpy because I got to shower! But those bags under my eyes? Not cute.

Okay, now it’s time to round up the kids and feed them a quick breakfast. While they’re eating I have to pack up the diaper bag and keep Kora from getting fussy, all while I try to eat breakfast myself. Oh, and try to keep the two older ones from fighting. Time to pack up all of the kiddos in the car; there has to be a method to this madness!!

Drive to Brooke’s doctor’s appointment. Thank goodness playing kids songs seem to keep the peace but oh how I miss jamming out to MY music!

Hmmm, how am I going to get all of these kids in this building without a stroller? Okay, Kaden you walk while I carry Brooke in this arm and Kora in the carseat with the other…This is my workout! Great, I have to get them all downstairs now? Seriously, is there an elevator?!? Well, at least I get to sit for a couple of minutes while he kiddos play with some toys. The appointment went well, we don’t have to come back for another 4 months.

Load up the kids to drive home. Snacks in the car equals quiet time for me.

Hmm, what is for lunch today? Man, I really need to go grocery shopping! I find some leftovers and sit down with them to have lunch as well.

Wahoo! It’s nap time! I start to get the kiddos ready for a nap, but of course my 3 year old says he isn’t tired.  Mommy needs her quiet time! Ahh, everyone is in bed.

I nurse Kora and enjoy just sitting with her in the peace and quiet.

Kaden walks out of his room to announce that he just took his nap. Ummmm…no you didn’t! So I figure that I should just take a nap as well so that we’re all rested. There goes my work/cleaning/alone time!

Sleep is SO good! Well, until the phone rings several times and wakes me up. Something must be important if it’s still ringing, sigh… It’s my husband, nothing too important but we get to chat about life, about its ups and downs.

Sit and nurse Kora. I really do enjoy these moments.

Brooke is up and man she has a NASTY diaper!! I change her into some new clothes as well. Kaden is up and asking to watch TV. I think this is the first thing he asks for every time he wakes up!

Nurse and pack up the kids.

We head over to a friend’s house and hang out. The kids play while we get to take a break with some adult conversation. Of course it’s usually interrupted by breaking up fights, taking a choking hazard away from a kid, and so on. It’s so nice to have adult interaction! We stay and have dinner with them, such a plus with I don’t have to figure out what’s for dinner at our place! My brain is too fried!

I pack up the kids which causes Kaden to throw a fit because he doesn’t want to put his shoes on. I have to move Brooke’s car seat away from Kaden’s because I foresee his frustration with me coming out on Brooke. I have to strong arm Kaden into the car seat and we listen to his crying and screaming on the way home. Sometimes I wish I had one of those limousine windows so I can block out the noise.

Bedtime for Brooke! One kid down, only two more to go!

Kaden and I work on a puzzle for some quiet time. I really do enjoy spending time with my kiddos when they’re calm.

Nurse Kora. I’m about to fall asleep I’m so tired!

Bedtime for Kaden. And so the battle begins. BUT it is getting better. At least now he stays in his bed! But he talks and calls out for me, which is frustrating because he wakes up Brooke. Parenting is hard when it’s your own kids, it seems much easier to parent other kids. We always have advice for other people!

Finally Kaden is passed out! It’s time for ME time! I’ve gotten my second wind so I can’t sleep. I jump on the computer to do some work…as well as play. Stupid Facebook! How does it suck me in so much? Oh! I need to check ebay to get some shoes for Kora! And check the other baby sites to see if they have any deals!! And…!! Okay, it’s 1 in the morning and I have NO clue how time flew by so quickly! Now it’s time to go to sleep. Oh wait, Kora wants to nurse….

Of course this is just the half of it. I really try to raise the kids the right way and every interaction is so important! On top of everything I do in a day, I try make the time to have those special interactions with my kids. Whether it’s reading just one more book, or getting out the finger paints, it’s those moments that not only important for them, but special too. For all of us.


  1. Would love to hear some 'day in the life' stories from working mom's.

    We have to fit in everything you do on top of working a 40hr week & coaching the kids soccer team... Anyone have time saving tips, quick dinner recipies, etc they'd like to share?

  2. We'd love to hear some too! It's next on our list for our Day In The Life of series! If you'd like to be a part of it just send us an email and we can shoot you the details!