Friday, June 24, 2011

Peekaru Giveaway (closed)

  Thing are slowing down here...I think?? Does anything slow down when you have 3 kids?? Anyways, I'm really excited  do this giveaway. I've been waiting since winter to do it! So here it is, the Peekaru Original giveaway!

 I actually came across one of these in Kid To Kid, but it was too big. I thought it was one of the COOLEST articles of clothing for baby wearing parents! So I contacted TogetherBe to see if they would let me try it out and do a giveaway. They are so sweet over there and they replied so quickly.

 So sorry for the snow pictures, who wants to see that right now!! (sigh) When I got the vest, I tried it on right away over my Ergo carrier. It was kind of awkward to put on by myself at first. The hardest part I had was zipping it all the way up on the side. After wearin it a couple of times, it has become easier. I LOVED that I was able to put it on over my winter coat. I first tested it on a cold, windy Alaskan day. It kept the wind off of Kora, but I probably should of put warmer clothes on her because the vest is not thick enough. These vests are "high quality Polartec fleece" but I think it was too cold for her that day and we went back inside. It took 30 mins to get all the winter gear on all the kids and me and we only stayed out there 10 mins! Ugh. They need to invent a suit that has boots, mittens, hat, long under and snowsuit connected!! I bet the Peekaru Soft Shell would of been better for that kind of weather. I think I might invest in the soft shell for next winter.

 I did wear it several times when it wasn't as cold or windy. It worked great and kept her warm. She fell asleep in it several times. A friend borrowed the giveaway one to try it out. (It's the green one pictured above.) She is carrying a newborn in there. =) The newborn stayed toasty while mommy got to play with her toddler. It was a fun day of sledding and skiing for the kids!

 You can also turn the vest around and wear it on the back!  "It fits comfortably over all carriers, including Baby Bjorns, Hotslings, Ergos, Mei Tais, and Wraps."  I haven't worn it turned around yet because Kora is just getting to the age where I can wear her on my back. There is also a little pocket to keep your keys or id in on the side of the vest. The only thing I wish this had was hand pockets. I LOVE to put my hands in pockets and was bummed when I didn't have anywhere to put them. Other then that, this is a GREAT product for Alaskan parents! I keep it in the car even in the summer because sometimes it gets a little cool.
Oh and just FYI, if you order one because you don't win, they run a little big. I wear large shirts and can fit into the medium vest with a fleece jacket.

 Want to win the green medium one? Just leave a comment with a way to contact you. Oh and you have to be from Alaska. =)