Friday, October 8, 2010

Rockin Green Soap Giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed***

Rockin’ Green Giveaway!

I’ve wanted to do a review for Rockin’ Green Soap and was planning on it regardless, but I thought that you all might appreciate a little giveaway. So I emailed Kim, the owner of RnG to see if she would be interested in offering up a couple of samples to give you one of you lucky Alaskans. Instead, she sent me TWO FULL BAGS to give to you!    Now that’s what I call service!

Before I get down to the nitty gritty of entry details I’d like to tell you all a bit about how amazing Rockin’ Green Soap really is!

First off, before I even tell you how much I like their detergent, I’m going to tell you about how amazing their customer service is. Seriously, it’s the best. Plain and simple. The gals at Rockin’ Green are well known for their personalized approach to customer service. Having problems with your wash? Just email them and they’ll get back to you incredibly quick. Post something on their Facebook page and you can bet that if they don’t answer your questions one of their loyal fans will. On top of that, when they voluntarily recalled some of their soap a couple of months ago due to it not being as effective as it should have been, they acted quickly and professionally going above and beyond what I had expected! I had four bags that were part of the recall and they sent me four brand new bags and let me keep my old ones to use as household cleaner! (It’s BY FAR the best toilet bowl cleaner I’ve ever used. I don’t know why or how, it just is. It’s also great for getting the bottom of our stand up shower super clean.) 
I originally bought RnG when I started using cloth diapers. It came highly recommended by a friend and I figured it would be worth a try. I was not disappointed! This soap comes in amazing scents that rinse cleanly away from your diapers. It keeps the stink away. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. It’s amazing. What’s better still is that it can be used on regular laundry as well! Now to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of it for my regular laundry, but don’t let that deter you! Check out their facebook page and you’ll see a whole slew of fans who swear by it! 

The other amazing thing that RnG offers is its ability to make anything smell clean and fresh after a soak and some rinsing. I’ve soaked pillows and had them come out like new! Old baby blankets from when I was a baby were totally refreshed. I’ve seen photos from people who have switched from detergents like Tide (a detergent that leave residue behind) and “Rocked a Soak” on their sheets, regular clothes, towels and it’s amazing how much this soap cleans out! 

The biggest plus for me is, knowing that RnG Soap is natural, and safe for my family. With no harsh chemicals, scents, or dyes, how can you resist?

Check out Rockin' Green Soap for yourself! 

Alright, I'm done rambling! It’s time for you to find out how you can score a bag of Rockin’ Green Soap for yourself!!

There are TWO bags of Hard Rock 2.0 up for grabs! One in The Plain Green Tea’s scent (zen like blend of green tea and aloe) and the other in Orangevana (and orange and cream scent, smells like an orange fizzy candy to me!) 

1)Like Alaska’s Kids on Facebook (here) That’s good for 1 entry
2)Follow our Blog (You’ll see the Follow button at the top right of our blog) That’s good for 1 Entry
3)Are you an Alaska’s Kids Member? That’s good for 2 entries.
4)Tell your friends about our website and blog! That’s good for… well, that’s too hard to track so it’s not worth any entries but we REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! :)

Post a comment below listing each thing that applies to you, as well as which of the two scents (Plain Green Tea’s or Orangevana) that you would like to win! On October 15th we’ll announce the winners which will be randomly selected at! 

Please post your entries as ONE comment. Incorrect or duplicate entries will be void. And make sure to leave your name so we know who we're announcing as a winner!!

Here’s what my entry would look like if I were allowed to enter!

"I like Alaska’s Kids on Facebook, I follow the Blog, I’m an AK Kids Member, and I would love to get my hands on that bag of Orangevana! I hope I win! Thanks so much, Charissa :)"

Note: For the time being our giveaways are only open to residents of Alaska.


  1. I like you on Facebook , and real life! I follow your blog, but not in a stalkerish sense!

  2. I Like Alaska's Kids on facebook, I am an AK Kids member(wonderful group) I follow the blog, and I would love to try out this new detergent that I have heard so much about and of course cause it is all natural. Thanks Charissa, I hope I win!!!!!!

  3. If each way is a separate entry.. don't you want separate comments? Just checking.. :)

    Either way I'm a follower both places and the plain green scent sounds fun to me! Thanks!

  4. lol! Don't worry Samantha, all of them get counted! :)

  5. I like on FB
    I'm a member
    I follow the blog
    Both scents sound like fun, I wouldn't be picky :)

  6. I like AK kids on FB, I am an AK kids member, I follow the blog, and I have used this detergent with cloth diapers and of course anything free is good. :)
    Thank you, we most certainly would love to win.

  7. Whoop! I LIKE you guys on fb, follow the blog and am a member!! Not to mention I am obsessed with RnG!!!

  8. I follow the blog, like you on fb and am an ak kids member. I think I would like the Plain Green scent the best. I'm looking forward to cloth diapering our new little one in March and would be so excited to win! Rachel

  9. I like Alaska's Kids on FB
    I follow the blog
    I'm a member.
    I've really been wanting to try RnG for awhile now, this would be my chance to experience it's awesomeness. :)

  10. I like AK Kids on FB, I follow the blog AND I am a member:) I would like to try the Plain Green scent if I win!!

  11. I like AK Kids on facebook
    I follow the blog
    I am a member
    I would like to try the orange scent :)