Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Bottoms Diaper Service Giveaway (closed)

It's been awhile, so sorry! Gotta get back in the game!!

For awhile now I've wanted to try cloth diapers, but couldn't fork up the money without knowing I would like it. I contacted Theresa, owner of Happy Bottoms Diaper Service, for a trial run. If you want to get into cloth, this is a great way to test it out without spending hundreds of dollars first. Check out what the Risk Free Trial includes.

Theresa came to my house and taught me the basics of cloth diapering to get me started. Cloth diapering can be overwhelming at first, but Theresa was so warm and kind. I never felt dumb for asking questions and not knowing. She was an email or phone call away if I had a question, the task didn't seem to daunting knowing that. She helped set up everything and then I go!

I have to admit, the first change I was kind of grossed out. I didn't grab it correctly so it was very wet. But how many times have I had to grab something that was gross with kids? Soaked bed sheets, blow out diaper, throw up on kid and MY clothes, the list goes on! So I continued on.

It took me a couple of days to get in the swing of things but I actually started liking it! The BEST part is I got to put all the diapers and wipes together and send it with Theresa to be washed. I didn't have to touch it!! I was worried about the smell, but there wasn't any. Unless I'm just so used to the smell of 3 kids. =) Every Monday morning, I would put my red bag with dirty diapers and wipes on the front porch, then Theresa would pick it up and leave me fresh, clean diapers! Now THAT'S service!
I hear all the time how cute babies are in cloth and now I believe them! This is not the only reason why I feel in love with cloth diapering. Saving on money in the long run is a HUGE plus for me. I changed her diapers far more then when she had a disposable on. I have to admit I would think, "this disposable diaper is barely wet" so I wouldn't change it. With cloth, I didn't feel like I was out money. Or how about when you go to change baby and they pee on the new one. Really? I barely got any use out of that one! I feel like that's all I'm doing is buying diapers! So its great know that with cloth, it just needs to be washed and reused again.

It was great thinking that I wasn't throwing another diaper into a landfill. I was making the earth a little better for my kids. I'm concerned with all the chemicals now days going into our bodies, especially my little ones. I loved knowing that there was no foreign chemicals going into my babies body.

I started afraid to cloth and now I'm working on buying them! It was SO worth trying it out with Happy Bottoms Diaper Service! Theresa offers a great service that you can have part or full time! Just think, you don't have to launder diapers, someone does it for you! You don't have to make midnight runs to the store for more diapers because you used the last one!

I HIGHLY recommend using Happy Bottoms Diaper Service. Theresa is a mom to a little one so she understands a lot and she uses the product herself! She has a pretty wicked sense of humor, which I like! Humor and service!

Theresa donated 2 $50 gift certificates for a giveaway! You can use it towards the service or buy something for the store.

Want to win? Please follow the rules!
1. You must live in Alaska.
2. Visit the "About Us" page and then comment on how you would use the gift certificates
3. Leave an email address so I can get a hold of you, no way of contacting you, your comment will not be counted!. Thanks!

Ill randomly pick 2 winners Monday evening!


  1. I would use the service

  2. I'd use the gift certificates toward the diaper service as well. I did it when I lived in Portland & it felt luxurious being able to send my "laundry" out to be done by someone else! :)

    Sarah Miller (

  3. I would use the gift certificate for a friend of mine who is having a baby She would love it! I know I love mine!
    Sarah Tudor -

  4. I would use it to stock up on supplies for our next little one! Brenda

  5. I would use the gift certificate for the service. I have 2 little butts in cloth diaper and love using cloth on them!
    Leena Dowell

  6. awesome products! my son is 2, and these would be amazing for helping with potty training!

  7. I would buy cloth diapers.

  8. I have never used cloth but would love too! I would use the gift certificate towards then to get one of those super cute covers!! Thank you!!

    Heather Sandberg

  9. Were going to try out your services once our baby is due end of September. So I would use the gift certificates towards our service and products!!
    I'm Cassandra Chaffman my email is

  10. I'd use it for products, hard to choose though! The bottom butter and foaming wash are awesome and locally made :)

  11. I would probably use the service and see how I like it to prepare for baby bean.
    spiphibus at gmail dot com