Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Potter's Marsh

Yesterday was a beautiful day, just like today! I was trying so hard to get the house cleaned and things put away. I think the kids knew it was so nice outside cause they were driving me crazy!

After nap time we headed to Potter's Marsh.

To get to Potter's Marsh take the New Seward HWY south. You will pass Rabbit Creek exit, then lookout for the little brown sign that says "Potter's Marsh parking" then turn left. It is right across the street from the rifle range. Which I think is funny. A bird sancutary that is right across the street from a rifle range.

There had been a lot of work done since the last time I visited. I can't beleive I hadn't taken the kids sooner!!! There is a long boardwalk where the kids can run up and down. It is very stroller friendly.

All along the boardwalk there were really cool signs talking about all there is to see at Potter's Marsh. Kids old and young can actually learn while enjoying the outdoors! This is a cool sign showing the life cycle of salmon.
Speaking of salmon! We got to see lots!! We saw lots of fry (baby salmon) swimming around as well. This is a great place to see them with little ones and out of state guests.
One of the cool thing's about Potter's Marsh is seeing the wildlife. We only saw seagulls, ducks, and Canadian geese this visit, but there are many more birds that frequent this sanctuary. Like the Arctic Tern, did you know it takes the longest journey of any bird! It migrates to Antartica every winter and then comes up here to breed! Crazy! Visit this Fish and Game page to learn about the other birds that visit.
Kaden loved using his binoculars to look at the birds. We did see an eagle while there. We also heard it screeching, which I think sounds so cool. Then it landed in a nearby tree in a nest.
If you are lucky, you'll see moose and muskrat that visit the area. If you haven't been, plan a day to go! Just the surrounding is enough to visit. Turnigan Arm, mountains, fresh air, wildlife....that's what Alaska's about right? Take the kiddos, they will love it!
Then after the kids ran out their energy we went to FireTap for dinner! I would recommend getting there a little early cause it gets crowded fast. But it was VERY kid friendly and we would go back again with the kiddos!

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