Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day In The Life Of.... A Part-Time Working Mom! (Monica!)

In this post Monica tells us a bit about what it's like for her as a working mom! She has a young daughter and a baby on the way and does it all while working part time as a Registered Nurse!

The night before:

Get everything ready after bath and bedtime routine. Mad mission to get her, me and my
honey’s lunch made because if I don’t make it for him he often does not take one to work. Pack
things up that she may need for daycare like extra clothes etc. Get my clothes and things ready
so that I don’t wake anyone up getting ready in the morning.


Vibrating iPhone alarm goes off, get dressed and out of the house quickly.

If I want to shower in the morning I have to shower at work because at home, Isabel wakes up.
Like her mom, she is a light sleeper! I keep all the showering necessities at work in my locker and thankfully we have a shower and it is just cold enough to make you rush and never run late for work.

RN at Prov and mornings are our busiest time of the day. 6am to 10 we rush, rush, rush. I keep
my cell phone in my back pocket and the two times I forgot it in my locker daycare called and I
felt terrible about it. I fear someday I will get buttocks cancer from the phone but I don’t have
an option. Now that I am pregnant my scrub bottoms are constantly falling down and the cell
phone weight does not help!!!

Thankfully I have only had to leave a few times to go pick up my daughter! I can’t say I have
a good back up plan. My husband leaving work is my back up plan but he is super busy and
travels frequently.

Pick up time:

Done at 4:30

if I clock out right at 4:30 I make it to daycare just in time

If I am running late and sometimes I run late a lot, then I rush like crazy and get home to
wonder how her day was and how the provider does not threaten to fine me if I keep pushing it
so close. she is amazing and she is very understanding.

If I leave on time we get home, make dinner, sit at the table. If I run late, we get home, Isa is
starving and grumpy, we find something to eat quickly and often she won’t even eat it as it
seems I miss her dinner window and she just wants milk.


Bath and bed time she is so exhausted she can hardly stand it and so am I! And my feet hurt
and my lower back aches

When my honey travels:

Did I forget to mention that when Kameron travels I have a sitter who comes over at 5am to be
there when Isa wakes up and then drive her to daycare….no stress really!!!


I love working and being a nurse!

When I work I am a much more patient and happy mom on the days I spend with Isa. I also
know that she absolutely loves going to daycare and really enjoys her friends and talks about
them constantly at home. I look forward to a day when I can go to work well rested and clear
minded and come home to less responsibility but I know that is a long, long way away and for
now I enjoy each chaotic day as it comes!


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