Friday, February 24, 2012

Extra, Extra Read All About It

 I'm so excited to share the news I have! Sarah, owner of Alaska Baby Rentals, and I have joined forces to bring you the first AK Mom 2 Mom sale. What is a Mom 2 Mom sale you ask?

 Think of an indoor garage sale, but bigger and better. A sale that has ONLY maternity, baby, and kid gear! No driving across town to find that a garage sale that says "baby clothing" only has a couple of stained onesies. There will be moms and dads selling their gently used kid items. You know there will be lots of items that still have tags on it! Think of those snowsuits that your little one is outgrowing and will need another for next winter.

 Don't just think clothes, think bigger! Strollers, play equipment, car seats, swings, bikes! I'm getting too excited! Where has this Mom 2 Mom sale been my whole motherhood! This would have saved my multiple trips to stores and meeting people from Craigslist!

 These sales are new to us in Alaska, but not new to the lower 48. In Michigan, where they started, they sell out of vendor spots! They have several sales happening in the surrounding areas weekly!

 This sale is a great way to bring all the gear your kids have out grown without having your own garage sale. We are bringing the people who want to buy kids gear to you! Sell your items and walk away with money! Don't forget about selling all those cute maternity tops and pants you bought online because you couldn't find them in AK. Ready to register to sell at our event?

 Didn't sell everything? No worries. The churches charity, Give N Take, will be collecting donations to give to people or other local charities in need.

 Wanna come shop? Admission is $2 for adults and children are free! There will also be several local kid friendly businesses! Bring some totes to load your goods in.

 Mark your calendars for March 10, 2012 from 10a-2p at Abbott Loop Community Church. Plenty of time to browse the tables. Get a sitter for the kids so you can shop, and guess what..... we are going to have a coffee shop open! Grab your coffee and shop around!

 Spring cleaning is right around the corner! Be sure to like us on Facebook to hear about items that will be sold, tips, or when the next event is. Please share it with your family and friends! See you at the sale!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fact Friday

 Do you know how the design of our state flag came to be? A contest was held in 1927 for Alaskan children seventh through twelfth grade to design the flag. The winner of the contest was a seventh grade Aleut boy, named John Bell (Benny) Benson from Chignik, who was living in an orphanage in Seward.

 He describes his design: "The blue field is for the Alaska sky and the forget-me-not, an Alaska Flower. The North Star is for the future state of Alaska, the most northerly of the union. The dipper is for the Great Bear symbolizing strength." Alaska's state song echoes his description.

 There are several places in Alaska that honor his contribution. Anchorage, Kodiak and Seward named streets after him. There is Benny Benson Secondary School in Anchorage. You can visit the Benny Benson Memorial in Seward.

 Learn more about how our state flag came to be and Benny's story.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Water Fun

 Looking to entertain your kids so you can get dinner going? Give this a go. But first, you gotta let go of that control freak inside you who doesn't like messes. You know who you are.....

 Water!!! You all got this, right? I know what you are thinking. Why would a sane mother do this? Some of you might even be looking at this picture and laughing because you know it would be dumped within 3 seconds. This post isn't for you, this one is. At least if ice is dumped out, it will be easier to clean up.

  Grab a storage bin and fill with water. I did not fill it very high, don't forget you gotta dump it out. Place a towel or blanket underneath so you don't freak out when water does come out cause it will. Then, I gave them cups, bowls, clean sponges and let them go at it. Kaden grabbed some super heroes. You can also grab clean, used water bottles and poke holes in the bottom and sides. Fun to watch the water come out of the holes. You have tons of things in your house you can use, you don't have to go to the store to buy any of this stuff!

 There was a lot of pouring cup to cup. I had to remind Brooke and Kora not to drink it since all those hands have been in there, eew. It's like when they try to drink bath water, gross!! Do your kids do that? Anyways, they just sat and poured. I think it was very calming for them. At least it was calming for me. There was no yelling and fighting, just the sound of water being poured.

 When they are done, you get to take off their wet clothes because they will get wet. Then you get a cute, naked baby running around the house! This one got into my spices. Have fun playing in the water and dreaming of summer!