Friday, June 22, 2012

Moms, Pops, and Tots

 We got out yesterday to enjoy the Moms, Pops, and Tots series going on at the Campbell Creek Science Center. The dates to the rest of the series are on the flyer below.

 I always enjoy going to the CCSC because I spent 2 summers working there with Trailside Discovery. Now it is great to be able to bring my kids to enjoy the trails like I did. As soon as we stepped out the car, mosquitoes were out full force. Be sure to bring some bug spray!

 We are always late. It's something I've learned to accept. Since we were running late this morning, I was worried that the group would of started hiking. When we walked up, there were a bunch of kids playing and hanging out with the guides. There were magnify glasses, bowls, balls, animal pelts, pine cones, seashells, bug houses and more! I tried to hula hoop, couldn't do it.

 The guides had bug spray to share, information sheets, and Babes in the Woods to hand out for a resource. I really appreciate the fact that they are big advocates for getting the kids outside. The guides were friendly and seemed to understood kids. I really appreciate that. They also helped carry the cool nature instruments so kids can use them on the hike. Score, because I didn't have to carry the magnify glass when my kids got tired out of it!

 One of the great things about this series is you get to hike with a BLM guide who is carrying bear spray and is a wealth of information about the outdoors. You are also hiking in a large group, safety in numbers. I know one thing that stops me now from hiking is being afraid of coming across a bear with just me and the kids. This is a great way to get outdoors and feel safer.

 I also really appreciated that they had 2 groups, fast and slow. The fast group took off with the older kids and the slower group stayed back as the toddlers meandered around. We were in the slow group. This is the day I choose not to bring a stroller because I generally end up pushing an empty stroller. Well Brooke and Kora both wanted to be carried, so I was thankful that I didn't have to try to keep up so I wouldn't be bear bait.

 We came across a dead, eaten snowshoe hare, (awesome for the boys in our group), talked about the wild flowers, and let the kids explore. We had no schedule to keep so it was nice to let the kids be kids. Brooke and Kora enjoyed carrying a cup and filling it with rocks and dandelions. It's the little things right?

 The kids were worn out afterwards, as well as mommy! Carrying 2 kids gives you a workout! I highly encourage you to take the little ones to check out this series! Great way to get outdoors! We look forward to going back next week! We are going to try and make the rest of the treks. If you go, be sure to say hello to us!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Balance Bike

 With it being summer, we have been outside more and it has been so wonderful. Buddy has been riding his bike. We first started out with training wheels. Several of his friends were riding bikes without training wheels. I was pretty impressed with these 4 and 5 year olds. Yes, I know, don't compare. But I started thinking about those training wheels and how I think they are kind of a hindrance.

 I'm sure you've seen the balance bikes around. It's pictured below. Since Buddy already had a bike, I really didn't want to invest in another bike. I found this video: It shows how they teach kids how to ride bikes by taking off the training wheels and pedals.

 So off went the training wheels and pedals! Buddy practiced balancing on his own. He was figuring it our himself. In the picture below, you can see his pedals missing. This was a great way to save money! Peanut also has been using a balance bike at therapy. It's still a little heavy for her though.

 I kid you not, it only took Buddy about a week of riding to learn how to ride a bike. Daddy put the pedals back on, Buddy threw the training wheels away, and off he went! I was so impressed that it didn't take long!

 Now he is learning the basics of safety. There is still some falls as he is figuring it out. But he has been so proud of himself, he tells everyone we come across!

 I had to post a photo of my Peanut riding! She is getting strong enough to push the pedals! Therapy really pays off!