Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day In The Life Of...A Working Mom! (Rachel!)

Here a working mom, Rachel, tells us what one typical Tuesday is like for her as she balances an early morning job, pumping, and life with her husband and four month old son.

Alarm is going off. grrrrr. pretty sure that was not my normal four hours of sleep. I pump and get into shower.

Kiss husband and James goodbye, head downstairs.

Maddy is ready,(Maddy is my pump), Husbands lunch packed, dinner is in crock-pot, Diaper bag ready to go, banana and toast ready to eat while I drive, Nalgene bottle filled with H20, grab keys and go.

Welcome to work! I load my truck for the day while singing to myself "the wheels on the bus go ....."

Leave bakery, start my route for the day.

Time to pump, it's dark outside still, I pull into an empty lot, take out my sons pictures and turn on Maddy.

On the road again to next stop!

Nipples hurt, Maddy's mean!

5:20am  Someone asks about James, I smile with delight and say he's perfect, as usual!!

Walk into the back room of a Carrs in my work t-shirt, all employees are wearing coats. I'm asked how I can I not be cold, I reply that I'm breast feeding, she's amazed that I'm doing it while
working, I simply tell her if she see's a hostess truck in an empty parking lot ... don't come knocking!

100% inspection on base, guard eye's my breast shields that are sitting in my unzipped bag for a while. He's young and I doubt he knows what it all is, but I'm sure he'll figure it out one day

Maddy and I get ready for some alone time, this time were at McDonalds Mt View, a parking lot with a view!

See super cute little boy getting breakfast with his dad .... awwwwwww.

Text hubby I hope James was good for him and to have a great day!

Cant remember a  code I use every day, text co-worker and she tells me. Prego brain does not go away.

Mondays stink! (Tuesdays are my Mondays). I want to cuddle with my little man!

Mother in Law calls, late birthday present should be arriving today, YES!

MMM clearance organic rice cereal ... sold! Also find all ingredients to make Taco Pie on clearance (Carrs Gamble has the best clearance on about to expire food FYI), sounds yummy for dinner! sold!

Find yet another empty parking lot for Maddy and I, to help motivate myself I think about the cost of formula ....

Starting to lag, I really need to get more sleep at night!

Day is almost over, maybe James and I will walk to the dry cleaners this afternoon to get daddy's pants ..

Back to bakery, unload truck, start paperwork. Boss asks about James, instantly cheers me up!

I remember that I put meal in crock pot this morning, guess taco pie will wait for tomorrow, oops!

Off work for the day! woohoo! Off to get James!

James smiles when he see's me! LOVE IT! Drive home takes forever, cant wait to hold him!

Cuddle, Hold, Play and tickle James. Is it child abuse when your purposely tickle your child for your own entertainment? Ah who cares its worth it!

Why hello Maddy, oh how I have NOT missed you.

Soak used bottles, freeze breast milk ice pack, fridgerate todays milk.

Bedroom looks like a hurricane hit it. Make bed, freeze bottle warmer ice pack, start load of laundry, empty diaper trash. James is getting fussy, maybe a nap?

Oh yes after he finishes this bottle I think were going to nap!!!!!

James is awake! No one mentioned 15 minute naps to me, am I just that lucky that my child only takes short naps during the day or are all children that way?

Alright well since were up lets go for a walk while we still can!

Sunny but chilly, I love this time of year! James fell asleep again on walk, wish I could have slept!

Start muffins to go with dinner, double it so I can have some for breakfast this week. Dinner will be ready soon, but I'm hungry (whats new as my husband would say), I eat the last apple, add apples to grocery list.

Find empty special K bar box in pantry, husband ate my last
special K bar ..... grrrrrrr

James is awake, he's happy, LOVE MY LIFE!

Switch laundry, have they invented a washer and dryer in one yet? Someone should get on that!

Daddy's home, I spend another 10 min with Maddy. Husband doesn't think I'll make it past 6months, I'm aiming for a year.

Eat dinner while James has tummy time, still waiting for the front to back rollover!

See FedEx guy down the road, guess no present today, darn!

James has had ENOUGH! Swing time while I was bottles and clean up after dinner.

Change diaper, johnny jump up for a little while, Mommy has laundry to fold.

Get my clothes and James clothes ready for tomorrow, start bath water for James.

Oh how he loves bath time! I think he's ready to try a pool, maybe this weekend.

"wear out James time" Daddy plays with James while mommy does her internet 'stuff'.

Read a book to James

He's not very sleepy, wait on bottle, play with him some more. He sure can drool.

I pump while James has tummy time, he's getting grumpy!!!!!

Feed James a bottle while singing 'wheels on the bus', he's closing his eyes!

Nope not ready yet. oooooooh but I am!!!!!!!!!

Tickle James, I love his laugh! We make a short video and email to grandparents and great grandparents.

I'm crashing, common James !!!!!!

Read book again, drink rest of bottle ... this could be it!

He's out, do I dare move him from the nook of my arm? did I brush my teeth? ah who cares, I'm getting 5 hours tonight !!!!!!

PARTaaaaY!!!! And when a working, breast feeding, wife and mother says PARTaaaaY, she means sleep!

*James is my first child. He's four months old and one happy little guy. I have a very well paying job with amazing benefits that I really enjoy, I would give it up in a second to stay at home with my son, however at the moment my husband and I are not able to do that. Sometimes it feels like I'm being punished for having a good job, but it does make every moment I have with him that much more valuable.
Most people are surprised that I am still breast feeding while I work full time, all I can say is I never thought it was an option not to breast feed my son. I hope everyone enjoys my "day in the life of", and remember, if you ever see a hostess/wonder bread truck parked in
an empty parking lot .... don't come a knocking unless you want a surprise!


  1. I loved reading your day in the life :) Good for you for making the choice to continue breastfeeding even though you work full time. I realize not all working moms are able to do this. I worked FT for the first year of my son's life and also continued to breastfeed. Everyone thought I would quit, thought it was wierd, and couldn't understand why I did it. Only you can understand what a precious gift you are giving to your son and the sacrifice it takes :) Whenever I would feel sorry for myself (no free breaks, lunches w/coworkers etc) I would just whip out a pic of my little man and everything was perfect. Good for you mama! Haha and I love that you named your pump lol. Keep up the great attitude and you'll make it a year no problem!

  2. Great story! i dont know how you wake up so early, but it seems like you do the sacrifices for your family which makes you a great mom. I remember pumping at work, it was hard because that was my break and lunch. But like you said, you are doing it for your little boy. Great job of not giving up when others around you are negative.

  3. They do make all-in-one washer/dryers! They're over $1000 though. And you can make it 1yr!