About Me

Hi! I'm Jamie and I created Alaska's Kids in Aug 2009. I was tired of running into pages that had old information and was trying to find how to connect with the community with small kids!

There is sooo much to do here in Alaska with small ones. I hope this blog helps you get out of the house and enjoy our backyard of fun in Alaska! There really is a large community here in Anchorage and I hope to connect you with someone. Raising kids is a lot of work!

A little bit about me. I have 3 kids; Buddy is 6 years, Peanut is 4, and Snugglebug is 2. Yeah there is no sleep at this household! I'm married to an amazing man who I met on match.com. I know we are a couple of dorks. We are always on the go, which at times can be overwhelming. My daughter Peanut is our miracle baby and we go to a lot of therapy, which is helping her so much. When we are not going to hours of therapy, we like to PLAY!!! I just started homeschooling my son and that is an adventure in itself! Please feel free to comment, I love to read them!