Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Baxter Bog: Anchorage

  It has been awhile since I've written a post! I only have one kid at home right now so I am going to try and catch up on the posts I've been wanting to write for months!  Since summer 2015, my kids and I have been going on weekly adventures with my wonderful friend Sarah and her kids. She runs Alaska Baby Rentals if you are looking for some sweet gear! Several women and their kids have now joined us on our adventures and I'd like to share the with you! I hope these posts encourage you and your kids to get outside! Alaska has so much to offer!
 It was a beautiful, bluebird day when we visited Baxter Bog. This is an easy, flat, stroller friendly trail that walks around a bog. This was perfect for my 2 year old to walk the whole way.

The bog is surrounded by a neighborhood so you only have to be on the lookout for an occasional moose. In the summertime there are raspberries to pick and carnivorous sundew plants to find.

  In the wintertime, you can walk out onto the bog. In the summertime, everything is wet and you can see the whole bog from a wooden platform.

  We found a crack in the ice from the huge earthquake we had a couple of weeks ago. It was fun for the kids to follow all the cracks. There was one area where the dirt was actually pushed up from the earthquake.

 Most of these kids are homeschooled so the cracks made for great lessons in science. Then the kids picked up sticks and started playing hockey with a pinecone. P.E. time! This photo shows the wooden platform that is a great place to see the whole bog in the summer time. Several species of birds frequent the area as well.
I love watching the kids play. Sticks, snow, rocks, and sleds make some of the greatest toys!

  Always places to hide from your friends!

The kids found 2 teepees in the woods and I enjoyed watching them use their imagination creating stories.
Even the littlest one got in on the fun!

If you are looking for a quick,easy hike to get outside, Baxter Bog is the place to be!

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