Friday, September 24, 2010

Twirly Whirly Tutu Giveaway!

***This giveaway is now closed***

That's right, we're giving away a fabulous tutu!

What girl doesn’t love a twirly, whirly and oh so girly something special in her closet?
I know I wanted one for mine so I popped over to my local fabric store and stocked up on tulle to make an adorable tutu for my little one! Of course I didn’t want you (well, one of you) to be left out so I made sure to get enough to make a second!

This tutu is white and blue with a hint of gold. It features an elastic waist making for a comfortable and long lasting fit!

Of course I can’t take all of the credit for this wonderful and girly creation. I created it with the the help of some inspiration from places like here and here, and some wonderful tutorials from sites like this, this and this

This fabulous project took no time at all! And the best part is, it’s so easy that 1) You could probably do it to so make sure to hop on over and check out the tutorial’s I linked above, 2) I made two of them last night all while watching TV! Now that’s what I call a relaxing, instant gratification type of project! My fave!

Click read more for how to enter!

So now the details on how you can snag that adorable blue and white tutu for your little darling! The skirt is about a size 2T-3T. 

1)      “Like” Alaska’s Kids on Facebook! Good for 1 entry.
2)      Follow our blog! Good for 1 entry
3)      Are you an Alaska’s Kids Member? That’s good for 3 entries.
4)      Do you live in Alaska? That’s good for 2 entries.
5)      Tell your friends about our website and blog! That’s good for… well, that’s too hard to track so it’s not worth any entries but we REALLY APPRECIATE IT!! :)

Post a comment below listing each thing that applies to you, as well as what you think your daughter will say when she sees her new tutu! On October 1st we’ll announce a winner which will be randomly selected at! 

Here’s an example comment, it’s what mine would look like if I were allowed to enter.

I’m Charissa and I know for a fact that my daughter would LOVE to get that tutu! I’m sure she’d say “WOW” when she saw it!
I like you on facebook, I follow your blog, I’m an Alaska’s Kids member, AND I live in Anchorage Alaska!

One entry comment per person please.


  1. I'm Calleen and my daughter would be in heaven with a tutu.One of her favorite things is to dress up and she has a birthday coming up.
    So for my entries, I "Like" Alaska kids on facebook, I follow the blog, I am an Alaska Kid's member, and I live in Alaska.

  2. I'm Kimber and my daughter would love the tutu, especially because it's her favorite color. I "like" Alaska Kids on Facebook and I live in Eagle River, Alaska. E-mail kimberrodgers at yahoo.

  3. Hello! My name is Jennifer and my daughter would look rockin' in a tutu! I like you on Facebook, follow your blog and am from Wasilla, Ak! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I'm Ashley L. and my daughter would love the tutu. She would probably say hi when she sees it because that is what she says when she sees anything, and also only one of the three words she knows! I already like Alaska kids on facebook, I follow the blog, I'm a member, and I live in AK.

  5. Tilly has been asking for a tutu for a long time! Yes I live in AK, yes I "Like" AKkids, and yes I'm a memeber.

  6. My girls would love to be ballerina's in a new tutu. We are a member, live in ak, and we "like" ak kids, and we follow the blog


  7. Hi my name is ashley. I just became a member today, I live in Anchorage, AK and I cant find ur thing on fb so can you help me find it please

  8. Hello my name is Pam. I would love to win this for my granddaughter. I liked you on facebook, followed the blog, and my granddaughter lives in Juneau, Alaska. I just visited her this month. Thanks for the opportunity. Pam

  9. Alright, Monica mama to Isabel who just turned 2 and recently discovered the joy of dress up. She does not own a Tutu but loves them when she sees other little ones in them. She would yell, mami, mami, mami !!! like she does when she is excited about anything.
    We are part of Alaskas Kids, wl like them on FB, we live in Anchorage and I am happy I visited the new page!

  10. VickiRae. Mother to Alyssa, Liam and Marshall. I don't think this would fit Alyssa so if I won it I would give it to Katy because she loves girly things, sometimes. :P

    We are part of AK kids, like AK on FB, live in Anchorage (well on Elmendorf AFB), and we follow the blog.

  11. Cristy, I'm the mother of Kyla, a 3 year old with an amazing imagination who loves to play pretend. She would say something like, "WOW...I get to be a princess!" I live in Anchorage Alaska, like Alaska kids on Facebook, and now follow your blog! I believe that is worth 4 entries. Thanks!

  12. Hi, I'm Michelle, mother to Jabes,Taryn and Xyler.. I would love to win this for something for my daughter.. but shes too big.. But if i do I'd give it to my cute as a button niece. She a little cutie pie.. She has started getting in to girly things thanks to my daughter.. she can't talk yet.. but we will see.. I am a ak kid member, I follow on facebook and the blog.. and I live in Anchorage,AK

  13. My daughter neeeeeeds this tutu because she is the kind of Alaska girl that wears her tutu camping. She even summited Flat Top this summer complete with hiking boots, water bottle and of course a tutu. Her current one is worn out so a new one in her favorite "morning blue" would be the tops! OH and I am 1-5!!!! Thanks CTR