Saturday, September 25, 2010

There's no way I said that! Did I???

I think there has been a time for each of us when we've had to look back and see just how hypocritical we really can be. Before we had kids we thought we knew it all right? Well, then we had kids…

Here’s a list of just some of the things I know I said before I became a parent.

“Hunny, we’re totally going to be those cool parents. I mean, we know what new songs are out, we wear decent clothes, AND we play video games! Our kids are going to think we’re awesome!”
Ummmmm…. Is it even still cool to say awesome? Or even cool for that matter? Is Fall Out Boy still relevant??? When’s the last time I bought something other than a tank top? 

“I’ll probably have the baby sleep in our room but in her bassinet ONLY”
 Yeah, right. I’m pretty sure that first month she spent sleeping ON me. 

“I’m planning on getting a baby sitter by 8 weeks just so she gets used to having one.”
 HA HA! My daughter is two. She’s never had a sitter; no one has ever watched her other than her dad or me!

“I’ll totally limit TV time”
"Awwww, how cute! She knows all of the words to the Fresh Beat Band songs!" “Oh you want to watch one more Blue's Clue while I get the dishes done? Sure!”

“I would never breastfeed a toddler! That’s so….weird!”
Is two years old considered a toddler? Oops!!

“Cloth diapers are gross. And who wants to fiddle with pins??”
Are you aware that cloth diapers these days are AMAZING??? Seriously, I think I have a cloth diaper obsession. They’re adorable, they’re oh so soft and fluffy, and they’re 100 times LESS gross than disposables!

“I’ll have zero problems keeping the house as clean as I did before I had a baby.”
Well that one is true. For about five seconds. Then my daughter “helps” me make dinner. Or rearranges the pantry shelves. Or soaks through her sheets, again. Or… well you get the point.

“My kid will totally be potty trained before she’s two.”
Big fat nope on that one! Why does no one ever explain how much work it is to potty train some kids?? I really don’t have the desire to clean up pee every 15 minutes. I’ll just wait until she’s ready, or until she can clean up her own puddles and do laundry.

Of course that’s just a short list. And there are a ton of things that I HAVE stuck with so at least I’m not a complete hypocrite! Right?

What are some of the things that you said you’d never do but you have? Stand up and proudly share your hypocritical moments! You know you’ve got them!

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  1. I was the queen of this. I was a Nanny for years and as I took care of kids and they were SO much better behaved for me than for their parents I thought I'd have it made when it came to my own. Kids came... Man it's a whole other ball game when they are yours!