Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome To The Crazy House

Welcome our very own Alaska's Kids organizer Jamie as she gives us a candid glimpse into her life as a (brave!) mom of three!

Welcome to my crazy house, with 3 kids under the age of…..4.
Don’t worry about taking off your shoes because the floors are dirty and they'll keep your foot protected from little toys. Just throw your jacket on the pile of clothes on the couch, at least they are clean. I’m sorry the dog is begging for your attention….she gets “pet” by the kids.

Sigh. It’s one of those days that all moms dread, crazy day! Let’s just say that today I’m easily aggravated and pissy, but no sleep does that to me. It seems the kids always jump on my lack of sleep. They are annoying me! Ugh, I just don’t want to be touched!

“Kaden, leave your sister alone!”  

Don’t say it Jamie..... 
“What is wrong with you Kaden!?”
But for now I will relish in the crazy house and I will feel the love. 
Tomorrow will be a different day, I’ll learn from my mistakes and become a better mom.

Ugh, you said it, and that didn’t accomplish anything for anyone except make you and yours feel worse. I’m a horrible mom, why oh why did we have 3 kids? I’m not fit to be a mom. I remember when I was single and had no responsibilities. I could lay in my pj’s all day and watch movies. Those were the days…
Or were they?

Back then I was lonely, now I’m never alone. Not even in the bathroom. It takes a full mission plan to place the kids so no one gets hurt just to take a shower. Now my kids follow me room to room. I can’t do anything by myself.

Ugh, Kora wants to eat again! "Didn’t I just feed you twenty minutes ago?" ( Of course she wants
to eat, she is 4 weeks old!) As I breastfeed her, Kaden invades my bubble to smother Kora with kisses. Personal space? Psshh, goes out the window with kids. Kaden goes and sits next to Brooke on his bed and they have a conversation with each other. Kora looks up at me as she fills her belly. Why do they want to be near me? I’m a grouch. Everything out of my mouth has been “no, don’t do that.” Maybe I've actually done something right??

Then I think about how they always want to be with me, why do I want them to leave me alone? They follow me like lost puppies. Kora wants to be held ALL the time, but who wouldn’t after living in this world for only 4 weeks? Soon a time will come when I’ll be begging them to hang out with me.

So I sit, give my boob up and enjoy the few quiet moments while the other two kids play, because soon one of them will be yelling. One day, I’ll get to sleep and there will be a quiet and boring days. 

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  1. Tomorrow won't be different..ha will be the same crazy house but you will be different, seems like this journey always has us growing and for me is teaching me way more about myself than I probably wanted to know. 3 kids 3 and under is no easy task, harder than teaching 70 middle schoolers in the same room, I know I've done that too. We are shaping little citizens....and they better darn well be good ones!! :) Your a great mommy Jamie...ahhh we lose our patience and yell occasionally but we are only human and that is God's way of asking us to reach out to Him. wooooo seems like I must need to be on my knees all day, oh wait a minute I should have been doing that before I even had kids anyway..right?? Enjoyed your post Jamie...funny and yet true!!