Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Day in the Life Of... A Stay at Home Mom! (Tammie!)

Meet Tammie, a busy stay at home mom with four! There’s J.J-11, Fisher-8, Babette-4, and Gesina-19 months. Check out what life is like for this mom as she juggles life at home while her husband Jeramy works for weeks at a time out of town.

The alarm goes off, OMG how many times did Gesina nurse last night? I don’t think I got any sleep. It's time to get up and wake up the boys. SSSSHHH!! Don’t wake up your sisters! I argue with J.J for 15 minutes about why smelly 11 year olds must take a shower. He slams the bathroom door and wakes up Gesina. I physically drag Fisher from bed while Gesina screams in my arms. Super! Now Babette is up too! I head downstairs with crying girls to make breakfast.

Breakfast this morning is cereal because I can’t make anything else with two crying girls hanging on me.

Fisher is still not dressed and is wandering around looking for something. J.J is showered, dressed and eating breakfast.

Now I’m telling Fisher that if he doesn’t get dressed now Aunt Nancy (my sister) is going to yell at him. 

Aunt Nancy gets here and Fisher starts yelling at me because he’s not dressed yet. Yay! Sean (my 3 year old nephew) is here and the girls are still crying. Fisher grabs his bag, socks in hand, mouth full of food and saunters out the door. Now Aunt Nancy is yelling.

Breakfast time for Babette while I try to nurse Gesina back to sleep. Sean is pulling stuffing out of the couch.

Gesina is asleep! Babette and Sean are watching Kipper, should I try to shower?

I turn on the shower, which is the signal for Babette and Sean to start fighting and wake up Gesina. Well, at least I got my body clean.

Gesina is back to sleep. While I’m rocking her I doze off. Wake up with my arms asleep, check Babette and Sean, they’re being good!

Get the girls dressed and it’s time for yoga. Babies doing yoga are so cute!

Time for lunch. I tell Gesina to stop feeding the dog, tell Sean that grapes don’t go in your nose, and Babette to please not spill on her school clothes.

Start loading up the van to take Babette to school. Get all three kids buckled in their seats, shut the doors and….Babette has to go to the bathroom now!

Get to the school, get everyone out of the van, into the school, down the stairs, into Babette’s classroom, wrestle the babies out of Gesina’s hands, and say hi to Aunty Nancy! Herd Gesina and Sean up the stairs and back into their seats. WHEW!

Time for grocery shopping, so excited... Walk in the door, what’s that smell? Change Gesina’s diaper, leave the bathroom and…now Sean has to go. ARGH!

Finally time to shop!

Checkout while the kids scream the entire time because they can’t stop pulling each other’s hair.

Pick up J.J, Fisher and their cousin David (who’s 9) from school. Yay! My boys are home!

Aunt Nancy picks up David and Sean. Homework time for J.J; 20 minutes of arguing=10 minutes of actual homework.

Start dinner while telling the boys to please pick up the backyard. Get lots of whining in return. I take the girls out to play in the backyard and try to rake the side yard but for some reason my rake is in pieces in the woods! GRRR!

Dinner is done, just a little burnt. Yes this is dinner, yes you have to sit at the table, no you can’t sit under it, and no, you can’t talk about eyeballs or mucus at the table.

Finally! Everyone’s served! Time to sit down and enjoy my dinner with the family! Wait! You can’t be done already! I wash up Gesina; start to clean up while J.J, Fisher, and Babette go outside. Gesina tries to escape again. I nurse a pissed off Gesina and she falls asleep. Finish getting the kitchen clean and move onto picking up the living room.

Gesina is up and we all head over to the neighbors to sit around the fire pit. We have some blueberries, cheese and crackers and just enjoy the beautiful night for a bit.

Get home and it’s time to get ready for bed. Jeramy calls!!!! We all miss him so much!

J.J and Fisher are playing in bed, I snuggle Babette to sleep and nurse Gesina.

A quiet house! Time to fold the laundry while watching Supernatural.

Gesina is up again, I nurse/rock her.

So hungry! I make a snack and just enjoy the silence.


Babette has night terrors which in turn wake up Fisher and Gesina.

Everyone is back to sleep.

Too tired to read anymore….SLEEP!!
Gesina nurses 3 more times between 230 and 7am. 

Then it starts all over again.
One day sounds crazy, and it’s hard with four kids while dad works out of town, but I wouldn’t change my life for anything.

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  1. You are awesome! I love your sense of humor. Your kids are lucky to have you as their mom!