Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Point Woronzof Beach

  It has been a beautiful week so far and the forecast calls for sunny skies throughout the rest of the week! Today the kids and I met up with Peace Tree Kids through the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network. As usual, we were running late. I can't seem to get anywhere on time with 3 kids. Anyways, I had never been to Pt Woronzof but wanted to get some of those great photos that people are always posting. To get there, take Northern Lights west past Earthquake Park. You go so far you almost think you should turn around because you are starting to go around the airport. Pt Woronzof parking is on the right hand side.

 I brought my trusty BOB stroller. The picture doesn't show very well, but it is rocky trail. The BOB only made it down half way. I suggest putting the little ones in a Ergo or pack. Bring your buckets and shovels! Make sure the kiddos have their rain gear on because they will get wet! This beach is a lot easier to get down to then the Kincaid Beach.

 There were BEAUTIFUL views of the surrounding mountains. We only stayed in one place but you can walk the beach for miles. If you walk past the graffiti building, you can see Anchorage. Airplanes were flying right over us, which was pretty loud. But great time for those kids who love airplanes!

 Kaden was enjoying throwing rocks in. The girls were just trying to stay warm. Their hands got cold and wet pretty fast. I'm really excited for summer so we can go back and visit. You could see chunks of ice floating by. When they tide is out, there is a lot of mud to play in. Everyone stayed pretty dry until the very end when Brooke decided to walk out farther. You would think she would listen to her wise mom saying "Brooke, that's far enough." Nope, out she walked and plop she went. Face first into the cold water. Sigh. That is generally how our water visits end. I'm glad I've learned from my mistakes and bring extra clothes to any water playdates.

 While the kiddos were munching on snacks, I pulled over in a parking lot to see the overlook of Anchorage. I didn't have my camera, just my phone. We will be back to take some better photos!

FYI the Peace Tree Kids meet up every Wednesday at a different location! You can also meet up with Skedaddle on Tuesday or Taiga Trekkers on Thursday! Be sure to visit them through the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network!

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  1. I love Pt Woronzof, there is so much to explore down there. I can't wait until my guy is a little older (and can actually somewhat play with other kids) so that I can meet up with the play groups :) Thanks for sharing Jamie!