Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alaska Farmer Market's

 One thing I miss about the lower 48 is the fresh fruit! You buy it here from the store and it goes bad in a couple of days. BUT I do love going to the local farmers market and buying fresh produce. Have you been to one of the farmer markets? We have seven of them here in Anchorage. I was going to list all of Alaska markets here but someone beat me to it! Visit here for Alaska Farmers Markets.

 These are snow apple turnips, pretty tasty! I've never heard of them till I visited the South Anchorage Farmers Market. My kids love them! I've heard they go great in salads or to eat them plain, which is how we eat them.

  I got some strawberries and let's just say they didn't last 5 mins in my house. They were so delicious!! Fresh is best! One thing about the markets is you HAVE to get there early if you want to grab the goods. I went around 2 and everything was gone! Strawberries are the only fruit that I have seen so far. Unfortunately up here in Alaska we don't get a wide variety of fruit, which is a TOTAL bummer! We eat fruit like it's going out of style in my household!
 Not only do they have produce but they have cheese!! You can buy it in blocks or in curds, yum! There is also fish, meat, plants, honey, jams, bread, and....

mouth watering pastries!!

 It feels so good to me to buy local. I know where the food is coming from, helping out my community and keeping the money here in Alaska. The prices are great as well, but you can use WIC food stamps. Also eligible seniors qualify as well. Visit here to learn more.

I love going to the market with the kids. They help me pick out veggies and they are more inclined to try things. It's also nice just to go by myself. I like to think of how cool it would be if I had to go to the market daily to get all our meals and how fresh everything will be. Some days I would really like a slower paced life.

 There are always unique things to try and see at the market. Where can you get a salmon burger and reindeer dog? Definitely not in Florida! I love Alaska! People like to bring their dogs or bike to the market. It is such a laid back community. You see people in their Carharts and North Face rain jackets. Comfy and ready for the environment, my kind of style! You can usually tell who the out of town folks are. =)

 Be sure to visit one of your local markets. If you visit the websites below you can find recipes, how to process and store the produce and much more!

Alaska Farmers Market Association (visit here to find our local market)
South Anchorage Farmers Market (recipes, cookbook, schedule)
Pyrahs Pioneer Peak Farm (pick YOUR OWN veggies!)
Glacier Valley Farm CSA (will deliver boxes of local and outside produce to a location for you to pick up)

Alaska Farmland Trust presents  "BYOP" Valley Farm Picnic
 Sunday, July 31st   2PM - 6PM  Dimonridge Farm (aka Heaven's Hayfield)  2445 South Davis Road in Wasilla  Take Parks Hwy, exit @ Hyer Rd toward Fairview Loop. Turn Left onto Hyer Rd. Turn Right onto E. Fireweed and take first left onto Fairview Loop Rd. Take a left on to Davis Rd. Look for the signs on the left.  Have a day of fun with family and friends and get to know the Alaska Farmland Trust!
The Valley Farm Picnic is a “BYOP” (Bring-Your-Own-Picnic) event. You bring a picnic and we’ll supply the blankets and old fashioned farm fun! This FREE event will take place rain or shine with ongoing activities throughout the day. Prizes will be awarded to winners of each event! Don’t forget to bring a dessert to enter in the Dessert Auction at 3:00 pm. See you on the farm!

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