Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Indoor Places in Anchorage

 The weather forecast is rain all week, oh yea! (Can you hear the sarcasm?) Summer is coming to an end and rainy season is arriving. Hopefully we will have a couple more pretty days before fall hits us. I have to admit fall is my favorite season! I just wish it lasted longer here.

 There are a couple of cool places you can take the kiddos here in Anchorage on rainy or snowy days. I hope this gives you some ideas when you need to get out of the house!

Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum -- I have not visited here, but if your kiddo loves planes this is the place to go! I hear it's not too kid friendly but lots of planes to look at!

Alaska Museum of Natural History --Toddle Time is GREAT! I love this museum! Very hands on for the kiddos and it's inexpensive. You can dig for dinos, touch lots of animals, play with playdoh and more!

Arctic Gymnastics --This is a HUGE gym for the kiddos to run around in. They have several trampolines, a cheese pit, balls, and lots of stuff to work on motor development. They have open gym Mon-Fri from 9-11a.

Bouncin Bears --Kids can literally bounce off the walls! Prices are a little steep though!

H2Oasis --When school starts, you can bring your toddlers to play! Very cool ship and slides!

Imaginarium --Lots of hands on things. Make huge bubbles, touch starfish, play in a fort and more! You have to pay for entrance to the WHOLE museum which is spendy. Wish you could just pay for the Imaginarium because I don't get to enjoy the rest of the museum with the kiddos. And we don't stay there all day due to nap time....I digress.

Pump It Up --Our favorite bounce place to visit! The price is right as well as the size. The owner is fabulous, area is clean, and you can climb on a moving wall!

If you are going stir crazy, get out of the house and visit one of these places!


  1. Besides this Anchorage has national park which has great view of beauty.

  2. The title is suggesting indoor places

  3. New since this article was written is Kaleidoscape Play Studio in midtown.

  4. pump it up has closed its doors

  5. My 4 yr old boy LOVES the aviation museum. We've been going since he was 2. They have a new little plane the kids can climb into and pretend to fly.