Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th Fun

 What a beautiful day it turned out to be here in Anchorage! It started raining a little but it held off! Did you and your family enjoy the day? We did! We went to see the parade downtown!
 A parade isn't Alaskan without Star the Reindeer! You gotta read how Star first came to Anchorage! 

How cool is this! A Wagon car!!!! The Red Wagon Society at the Children's Hospital at Providence sponsors the car. Kaden loved waving his flag at all the cars.

I had to take pictures of the kiddos in their red, white and blue. Yup, representin' the Braves! =)

I have to say, I really miss seeing fireworks in the lower 48 for the 4th of July. Those outside of Anchorage are lucky enough to shoot of fireworks legally. But I guess it helps lessen the disappointment due to it being so bright here.
I took this picture of the Chugach Mountains at 10pm. See the rainbow? So it would be hard to see fireworks anyways. But that didn't stop residents! I heard them everywhere.

When did the fireweed pop up? I took this photo at 10pm as well. The flowers are already half way up!! I'm trying not to think of it reaching the top!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend with family and friends. I started doing a lot of brainstorming and there are going to be some changes to the blog. I want to post more about Alaska in general. There are so many COOL things about this state! Got certain categories that would interest you to see on here??

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