Thursday, July 7, 2011

In My Backyard

Isn't this photo amazing! It had nothing to do with my mad photography skills. The Chugach Range is beautiful, and its in my backyard. 

 One of the great things about living in Alaska is having breathtaking views in your "backyard". I can drive twenty minutes and hike up a mountain, not too many people can say that! Also in the summer time, you can hike almost all hours of the night and not need a headlamp. Our moms group has been taking some hikes in the evening after we all put our kiddos to bed. It's so nice to be able to have adult conversation and not chase kids. There are several times where it's so quiet, probably cause we are all trying to catch our breath! The flowers were blooming and it was so green!

  We were looking out over Anchorage and trying to place streets. Anchorage is so spread out! No wonder it takes me forever to get to the East side from the South side!

  We hiked Flattop on Summer Solstice.....and so did everyone else! Flattop seems to be one of the most hiked mountains here in Anchorage. You can meet people from all over the world there.

 This was my first hike since having my youngest. I'm really out of shape so I was enjoying sitting down and didn't want to get up for a photo opt. 

  It only takes me 15 mins to get to Flattop's parking lot from my house. Took us a little longer getting to the top! But we made it!! On Summer Solstice, a lot of residents like to camp out and party at the top. We saw some interesting people carrying guitars, wearing a kilt, carrying a stroller, carrying a beer.. wait I think that last part is normal, so my husband says. Water is not the thirst quencher it used to be.

  Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year with 19 hours and 21 mins of sunlight! This picture was taken after 10pm! It was an amazing day for a hike!
  With trails being so close to us, its great to take the family for a hike. Kaden was having fun, promise. The lady who took this photo was hiking in with a friend to camp out for the night. Two older ladies just enjoying the day. I bet their kids were grown and NOW they can finally do stuff they enjoy without getting interrupted.

  Brooke did great! It's crazy cause this time last year she wasn't walking and we were not sure when she would start. Now she is running and jumping everywhere!

 Our moms group are planning more hikes. Do you have a favorite here in Anchorage? What has been your favorite hike in Alaska?

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  1. That first pic is unbelievable. I can't stop looking at it. It doesn't even look REAL to me! I love this beautiful state!