Friday, November 21, 2014

Alaska Wild Child Shirt Giveaway

 I love sporting my Alaskan sweatshirts, I feel proud to represent this great state I live in. There are so many new local artists with great designs! Unfortunately, there are not many artists with kid sizes, which I'm bummed about. So I was really excited when I learned about a local artist that was printing kid shirts! Introducing Alaska Wild Child!

 I actually won the cute baseball tee for my son through a giveaway on her facebook page. I'll admit it, I wanted this shirt for myself. I love baseball tees! Isn't he so cute!

Before we get to the giveaway, let's hear a little about Marie, owner of Alaska Wild Child.

Tell us a little about yourself.

   "I grew up in Alaska eating moose meat, catching silvers, and picking fireweed. I will always be an Alaska wild child. I enjoy sharing my love for my home state through this unique line of clothing. All of my designs are hand printed with care in Alaska, on the premium brand, American Apparel."

Why did you start your business and where do you get your inspiration from?

 " I am a graphic designer and when I was pregnant 3 years ago I started drawing Alaskan animals for my daughter. First was Bernard the bear and then Wally the Whale. These drawings grew into friends asking me to turn my illustrations into t-shirt and suggesting I sell them. So... I took a screen printing class, bought a press and set up a business in my garage."

Where can we find Alaska Wild Child clothing?

 "Right now you can buy online at - or at Busy Beans Coffee Shop in Government Hill and Mabel McKinley. "
 Thanks Marie! You can also check out Alaska Wild Child at the Arts and Crafts Emporium this weekend at the Denaina Center Exhibit Hall.

 So who wants to win one of these sweet shirts for their little one? The winner can choose a onesie or a child's shirt from Alaska Wild Child's website. There are several ways to enter. A winner will be randomly chosen next Friday! Visit my facebook page to enter the giveaway, here's the link: Alaska's Kids.

PS Before you leave this page, leave a comment with which shirt you'd want to win, that'll take care of an entry for you. Be sure you click that you did it!


  1. I love these!! I couldn't pick one favorite... so I will tell you my two favorites! The first is the Alaska Wild Child onesie! The second is the Alaska Wild Child baseball tee with black sleeves:)
    Melissa Nove

  2. Would love a onesie. With a bun in the oven this would be perfect for our newest wild child

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  4. I had no idea there was a new Alaska Wild kids line! These are great! My favorite is the Happy camper onesie/tee. As a family that camps as much as possible, this fits us perfectly and would look adorable on my 15 month old baby girl!!

  5. Love these!! Esp the black sleeved baseball tee :D

  6. I like the black AK wild child T-shirt. My 5-year-old boy fits that description to a, well, T. :)

  7. Onsie for my newest wild child! Wyatt enter the world 11/15 and is ready to take on the backcountry of Alaska!

  8. Baseball style for my Wild Child daughter would be an amazing fit

  9. Definitely the Wild Child shirt!!!

  10. Love the grey wild child onesie!!

  11. 5T Pink sleeved Baseball jersey

  12. These are adorable! Black sleeved baseball tee, please! :)