Thursday, March 10, 2011

SnuggleBoo Giveaway!! (closed)

Whenever I carry my baby in her car seat, I usually get comments on her cover. I LOVE my SnuggleBoo cover. I used to have another fleece cover, but I didn't like how it laid on my sons face. The SnuggleBoo acts as a tent and I can peek in without waking her. I am still able to carry the car seat on my arm as well. It keeps her so warm and keeps the wind off when I am taking her to and from the car. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with a baby. Its so much easier then throwing a blanket over the car seat as well. This is a great gift for the new momma as well!

Naomi donated a neutral cover for our giveaway!! Let's hear about Naomi first and we can move onto our giveaway.

Please tell us a little about you and why you created the SnuggleBoo:
I’m blessed to be a stay-at-home-mother of 4 wonderfully crazy kiddos. Not the easiest job, and yes it IS a full time job in itself, but I’m thankful to have the option. My husband got me a sewing machine the Christmas that we found out that I was pregnant with our second child. She was born the following September, just in time for the cold weather! I was and still am, not comfortable with the car seat covers that lay directly over the baby’s face so I bought one of those JJ Cole BunndleMe things to keep her warm. But her face was still exposed to the sometimes sub-zero temps. She also kicked her feet so much that she would actually work the zippers down and eventually be completely uncovered!
So then I decided to make something myself since I couldn’t find ANYTHING that stayed away from her face while still protection her from the cold.
And so the idea of the SnuggleBoo was born.
It was never my intention to turn this into a business, but I was constantly being asked where I got my car seat cover. One thing lead to another and here we are!

Where can I purchase the SnuggleBoo?
And soon in the Nursing Boutique inside of Prov.
We also have a facebook page!

What do you love about Alaska?What I love most about Alaska would be the summers!
I love the light and the warm and all the beauty that comes with it. There is so much to do outside…
Alaska In the summer is just AMAZING! The winters I actually enjoy too….till about mid-January…then I’m ready for summer again!
Thanks Naomi!! SO here are the rules to enter for your chance to win a SunggleBoo.
1. Must live in Alaska.
2. Be a follower of the blog (Anonymous WILL NOT be counted!)
3. Leave a comment on who would get to enjoy the cover. Please make sure you leave an email address to contact you or have your profile link to your email address.

One random winner will be chosen and the giveaway will close on Sunday night. Good Luck!


  1. Oh!! So cute!! I am a birth Doula and I would love to present this to my client who is due in just a few days! what beautiful craftsmanship!!
    Brenna Reynolds
    (iPhone won't let me sign in to my google account)

  2. I would give it to a good friend of mine that is pregnant. She doesn't have anything for her baby yet and I would love to help her out, she has done so much for me.

  3. I have a few friends who are having babies soon and I am sure one of them would love to get this as a gift! Or maybe I will have another later on and I can use it!! LOL! :)

  4. I would love to give this away to my pregnant friend! awesome gift!

    paula (at) ayojiak (dot) com

  5. I would love this for my little one due very soon!

  6. I love these... I know longer have babies... and I do not think any friends will in the future... sigh... getting old and passing the baby stage is so bittersweet... cry BUT, I know a lot of woman on my krazykidlets page are still having babies... I would use it as a giveaway to some lucky mama.

  7. I know many expecting mamas who would love this, I will definitely pass on the information to all of my Stroller Strides moms, these look great. Wish I would have known about them last year when my youngest was still in his baby bucket!

  8. These are very cool car seat covers. I think they will do a great job keeping out the sun and the rain.