Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Get Plugged In!

 Today, Anchorage had it's first snow fall of the season. I don't know whether to be excited or cry! I love how pretty it looks, but I'm really not looking forward to the dark days ahead. When I saw the snow,I started talking myself out of not going to our regular Monday meeting at the Alaska Forest School. I didn't want to deal with getting everyone geared up. I did it because I know how much better I feel when I get outside.

Alaska Forest School is such a great way to get outside with the kiddos. Not only does it benefit them, but it really benefits you! I was thinking back when I had 2 kids under the age of 3, and I really didn't know anyone with little ones. I felt so alone. I wanted another mom to talk to, that would understand. My husband worked 3 jobs so I could stay at home so I didn't see much of him. He encouraged me to start up Alaska's Kids, and I did! I was so happy to connect with other moms that had kids the same ages of mine. As a parent, you need this! Especially up here in AK during the winters!

 There are several groups around your city that help connect you with other parents. If there isn't, start one. There are always parents looking to connect. Alaska Forest School is just one of the groups that I belong to to feel connected. It was nice being able to talk to a mom this morning about how I was not prepared with snow gear, and nether was she. It helps me feel normal and that I'm not alone in this parenting business.

 As I pulled up to AFS this morning, I noticed there were a bunch of moms with babies. Found out that Hike It Baby was meeting up at Earthquake Park as well. This is another great group that I belong to. The ladies went for a walk on the trails with their babies in tow. They have fast and slow paced hikes at different hours of the day. You can also find Hike It Baby Anchorage on Facebook.

 Who is your support group? Sometimes it's scary putting yourself out there and meeting new people especially when you are in a fragile state, like just having a baby! I encourage you to get plugged in somewhere. You are not alone. It will be good for you as well as your baby, toddler, or kid. You can find Alaska Forest School on Facebook as well. Be sure to follow Alaska's Kids on Facebook as well. We will try to get you connected with a group and tell you about different events going on around your town!

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  1. This is SO cool! Totally looking up the AK Forest School, thanks for sharing!