Thursday, August 2, 2012

What To Expect Books Giveaway (Closed)

 Seems like forever ago that I was pregnant with my first child. That was almost 6 years ago, not really forever. But man does time fly!! I remember the first book I got when I found out I was pregnant, What To Expect When Expecting. I read through those chapters every month. Sometimes I would read the next month because I was so excited to see how my baby was growing. My favorite part of the book was the pictures month to month of the baby.

  Honestly, I was overwhelmed. Pregnancy was a new thing for me (obviously) so I was reading and researching all that I could. This book has A LOT of information. This is a great book to have on your shelf for a resource to go back to. It's actually kind of intimidating when you open the book and see mostly text and few pictures. BUT it's worth it. You have a question, you can probably find it in this book.
  I was actually contacted by What To Expect and they wanted to offer me three of their books for a giveaway! Lucky you!! I already knew What To Expect When Expecting was a great book to have on my shelf so I was excited to get the other two books.

 Honestly, I was overwhelmed (seems I've been overwhlemed a lot since having kids!) looking at those 3 books when they came in the mail. Those are some thick books! It takes me a whole day to read an article in a magazine, so I knew I wasn't going to get through these books anytime soon. I'm also on my third kid and my youngest is turning 2 so I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt... stretch marks, c-section scars and saggy boobs.

 What To Expect The First Year has some great topics. It goes through every month after the baby is born and touches on almost every subject. From breastfeeding, child care, feeding baby and more. I like that it has first aid do's and don'ts. I've visited this area in The Baby Book a time or two. I'm glad to have another book on the shelf to resort to when one of my kids are sick at 2 am.

  What To Expect The Second Year is a smaller book, does this mean it gets easier?! Cha, right! This book talks about toddlers eating, sleeping, their behavior, disciplining, heath and more. Like I said before, great resource book to have, especailly when they start becoming little people with minds!

 What To Expect also has a wealth of information on their ever changing web site. You can become a member and get advice from other moms. I think moms need a network of other moms. I'm SOOOO thankful for my mommy friends that lend an ear to vent or give me sage advice when I'm at my wits end.

Alright Jamie, get to the good stuff, what about the giveaway?! What To Expect is giving away 2 copies of each book! There are up to four chances to win one of these books, be sure to follow the directions.

 You have to go through the rafflecopter entry at the bottom, comments on the blog itself will not count! PLEASE< PLEASE do this, I really don't want to chase people down because I want people to win. Just follow the directions. =) PLEASE!!

Good Luck and happy reading!

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  1. I would like to win the first or 2 nd year since my baby is 4 months!

  2. Have a co worker that just moved up to Fairbanks and is due in September. She has no books and just found a doctor who would see her, she needs all the books she can get she doesnt have anything!! this is opportunity thanks.

  3. I would like the 1st or 2nd yr!
    - Meagan Lockard

  4. I would love what to expect the 2nd year. I have the 1st and its a great book. Now with a strong minded 2 yr old I would like to see what this book has to offer.