Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Alaskan Wedding

My husband and I went tp a friend's wedding this Labor Day weekend. It was great because it was like a date! All the kiddos stayed with my mother in law and we drove out to Girdwood. We actually got to talk about other things besides the kiddos. I believe this is so important to do with my husband and so thankful for the 45 minute drive.

I always enjoy the drive to Girdwood. Waterfalls, crystal clear ponds, and gorgeous mountains. We actually got to see beluga whales surfacing. We also saw a man getting out of his dry suit, probably from finishing wind surfing in Turnagain Arm.

The wedding was taking place in Historic Crow Creek Mine in Girdwood. It was raining and we passed many trailhead signs. We passed a trailhead that leads to part of the historic Iditarod Trail .

 For you Alaskans, do you notice that we don't carry umbrellas?? I think there were 3 umbrellas at the wedding and only ONE was being used!Porbably because she didn't have a jacket. Everyone else just used their rain coat, as you see here with the kiddos running around.

 The wedding was beautiful and the rain hitting the tents made a great sound to the marriage vows. Took me back 6 years ago when I was getting married. It rained on my wedding day as well, but we moved it inside. If I were to do it again, I think I would of gotten married in Hawaii and told everyone to meet us there!

 We got to eat fresh Alaskan salmon and shrimp after the ceremony. Even though it was raining, we could still see a glacier off the mountains. Of course with all the rain, kiddos were running around getting soaking wet. I loved watching the kiddos stand underneath the falling water. What was even better is I didn't have to worry about cleaning kids up! Makes for a GREAT date night!

 Along with raincoats, there were rainboots galore! Loved seeing the Xxtratuffs and Boggs with the dresses! I was thinking of wearing sandals! I need to get a pair of Boggs for this winter. Where did everyone get theirs and which print do they have?
 It was great to spend time together and celebrate a friend's wedding. Loved seeing my husband dressed up as well. I didn't get to take my coat off cause it was in the lower 50's and show off my cute shirt though. I did enjoy getting dolled up and not have a kid hanging from me. I have to remind myself that I need a break and to care for myself, that makes for a happy familly.

 I hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day weekend and found some time to indulge in something just for yourself!

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