Thursday, August 25, 2011

IBN Jeans Giveaway! (closed)

I tell you, I have SO MANY ideas for posts on here, but life happens and it's hard to sit down for 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Right now it's nap time. One is asleep and the other two are talking themselves to sleep hopefully.

I've had this giveaway for awhile now so I'm glad I FINALLY get to do it!! So Aqil (cool name huh?) from IBN Jeans contacted me and wanted to send some shirts my way. Free shirts to try, heck yeah! Send them on up!!!

This clothing line has reflective logos and material on the shirts and pants. This is great, especially up here in Alaska. Sigh. Fall is basically here and winter will be right behind it! The dark is a comin!
(15 minutes later) Why don't kids want to take a nap! I just changed a poopy diaper and started the "Quiet Time" timer over because my son keeps on talking to me....where were we??

Oh yes, the giveaway!So I asked Aqil to talk about the product some so here he is!

" IBN JEANS (Illuminated By Night) consists of two owners. Saiyd and myself (Aqil). We are both based out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Saiyd has been sewing and creating clothing since 1974 for everyone including celebrities and the like. I have been designing clothing for myself since the 90's and creating graphic designs since the year 2000 for other clothing lines and local companies. In early 2009 I teamed up with Saiyd and we both thought it would be a good idea to start producing boys clothing because we noticed most startup clothing lines were concentrating on adult and girls clothing. We thought boys would be a good starting point.

The initial idea for the clothing line came to me around the summer 2007, after a family trip to the New Jersey shore. While walking along the boardwalk after sunset with my wife and kids, I noticed how hard it was to keep up with my 8 year old son. He was constantly walking ahead of us and getting lost within the large crowd of people. That evening, I brainstormed on several different ideas to make it easier on me, to keep up with him. Finally, the idea came to me, that he needed something that would allow him to easily be recognized in situations like this. Therefore the high visibility / retro reflective material was a must. When a source of light is shined directly onto the material it creates an illuminating or glowing effect. Reflective materials are also used on stop signs, ambulances, fire fighting uniforms etc.

Our jeans are currently being manufactured but as of now our clothing is not yet online for ordering. However, by submitting your e-mail address to you will be notified of any updates. We also produce one of a kind items by request.

Currently IBN JEANS is a boys clothing line. The main focus behind our line is to keep all children safe from everything including moving vehicles to predators. It's important to us that we offer this option to girls clothing as well, so you can expect to see a girls line in the future.

Our company logo and mascot is a picture of a Billy Goat. The logo was chosen after searching for animals that weren't already being used. We hope it wasn't a b-a-a-a-d choice."

Visit IBN Jean's blog to see all the different types of clothing they are going to have! There is a ski coat and pants that would be awesome for kids up here in AK to have on. "Like" their facebook page as well so you will be up to date when the clothes are out for purchase!
Aqil sent me a couple of shirts to give away! I'm keeping the medium for my son and giving away a size LARGE and XLARGE. These sizes are in boys, Kaden is wearing a size medium in the picture and he wears size 4t.

Wanna win a cool shirt for your son?! Just leave a comment and which size you want to be entered to win. You gotta live in Alaska! Please leave an email address to contact you with! I'll pick a winner Sunday night! You will win shirt like my son has on.

If you were curious I have 2 kids asleep and my son is STILL awake whining cause he doesn't want to take a nap. But the whining and bags under hus eyes tell me different!!

Okay go enter to win!


  1. OOH! I want the xlarge, it's probably too small for any of my boys. But it should fit B just fine. :)

  2. Great idea and cute shirt! I'd love to have either the large or the x-large for my AK boys...ages 6 and 9. Thanks!

  3. Cute. :) I would need the smallest size for my boys.

  4. The xtra large would be great! Love this idea!

  5. Size L would be great for my son, but XL would work too. This would be a wonderful addition on outings with his wondering self!

    ribails 2 at yahoo dot com

  6. Just saw this post. I know I am too late for this giveaway but wondering how often do you have giveaways like this? Super cute shirts by the way:)