Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Human

 Scary picture, huh? That's 2 laundry baskets of clean clothes, 1 bag of giveaway clothes, 1 bin of clothes to store, and a drawer of clothes over flowing. Does your house look like this? If not, how do you do it??

 I HATE putting clothes away. I do okay with throwing them in the washer and dryer, but putting them away beats me every time. As this picture is proof. Maybe we have too many clothes for 3 kids? A lot of those clothes were hand me downs and bought from relatives.

 Does anyone have tips for organizing clothes?? By the time I put 9 month clothes in for Kora, its time to take those out and put in the 12 month clothes. She grows so fast! With 3 kids doing this, I'm constantly taking down bins and sorting. I do label the bins by months so I can find them which help.

 We would like to try for one more kid, so I keep all the clothes cause I don't want to have to buy more! What do you do with all your kids clothes? Do you hold onto them for the next kid, give them away and buy more?

 Ready for another scary picture?

 These are mostly kids clothes and towels! The sheets and diapers are in the washer and dryer!

 So you might be asking yourself, "Jamie, why are we seeing your dirty clothes?" Well I'm glad you asked! I want to show you that I don't have it all together. I want to show you me, want you to feel like you can identify. There are tons of blogs that show you clean homes. I pin all the great rooms that I would love for my house to look like. So in a way this is reality for you and I. To let you know that you are not alone. Who knows, maybe all you readers do not have this problem, are grossed out by all the clothes and wondering why I don't have my act together! I guess this is me taking a chance.

 I'm not Super Mom. I try to be at times. I need to stop that. When I fail, it brings me down. So I'm working hard on being okay with failing. To be okay with me, flaws and all. I'm not a perfect mom. I yell at my kids, my house isn't clean, I sit my kids in front of the TV so I can take a break, we eat eggs for dinner cause I don't want to cook, sometimes we don't brush our teeth every morning, the list goes on. I'm human.

 Are you okay with you when you fail? When you don't "measure up?" What do you do with that? Most days I get really down, some days I get back up and try again. Apologies, forgiveness and grace are being taught in our household due to a lot of mistakes. Most important, life is being lived at our household. Lessons are being taught through our failures and accomplishments.

PS Don't tell my husband I posted those photos! =)

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