Friday, September 16, 2011

Indoor Activities

 Have you been on Pinterest? I think it's taking more of my time then Facebook! So the cool thing about Pinterest is you get to bookmark pages, ideas, photos that you would like to revisit. Of course, I get a lot of ideas of crafts for kids. So here are a couple that I came across and how they worked for us. Great ideas for those wet and cold days coming up! 

 I actually saw this activity in  Family Fun magazine that I get. So you grab some contact paper, tape it to a window and have the kiddos place cut up tissue paper on the contact paper! Pretty easy peasy and it seems to be all over blog land now. 

 It was really fun at first. I think I picked to large of a window to do it on. It was great for using those motor development skills and talking about the colors. Kaden made a rainbow on it. We didn't fill up the window. I started grabbing hand fulls of paper and putting it on the contact paper.

Well the kiddos dumped out the cut up paper and started throwing it up in the air. This was a morning where it already started off rough. So when Kaden first threw all the paper everywhere, I almost freaked out. But then i was like, ah whatever, this will be a great oppurtunity for him to use a broom!

My kids had more fun throwing the paper up. Kora got into the action as well. And really it wasn't all that messy. It was a great learning moment for me as well. I don't have to freak out at all the messes. No one was dying or crying so I just relished in their happiness. They got to clean it up and surprisingly they really enjoyed using the broom! That's when the screaming started happening, because I didn't have enough big brooms!

 Someone pinned some cool pics from Play At Home Mom so I had to check out the site. I found these really cool water beads!! So I went looking for them and I found them at the Dollar Zone store in Anchorage for 50 cents!! I grabbed a couple of colors.

 I didn't take the greatest of photos, sorry. You put the beads in A LOT of water and they grow in several hours. I just threw the beads into a container that I grabbed at the Dollar Zone with the beads. They LOVED playing with them! It freaked out all the adults that touched them cause they look like glass.

Brooke loved picking them up and putting them in her cup. I was glad to see this cause her right hand is weaker and I know she was playing AND working on her motor development. You can put the water beads on a light source and it looks really cool. Be sure to check out the website to see more cool pictures and how they used them. They are non toxic but be sure to watch little ones at all times while playing with these.

 Another cool idea was to grab some balloons and fill them with rice and water! It's the simple things! SO I grabbed a bag of balloons while I was at the Dollar Zone. I put some rice in 2 balloons and then a little water in ANOTHER 2. I used two so my kids wouldn't fight over them. =) They loved shaking them and trying to figure out what was in them. It's cool because it adds some weight to the balloon so they fall a little faster. Kaden and I had a balloon fight because you can actually throw them at each other and it doesn't hurt.

 I have more ideas pinned on the boards so come back to see what we are up too! Be sure to get out and enjoy this weather cause you know what is coming!!! I don't want to say the word just yet. =)

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