Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebration Banner

I saw a banner like this in The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. Great book filled with many creative ideas that anyone can do. I dog eared it and wanted to make it for the longest time. My son's 4th birthday crept up on my pretty quick so I put this thing together in one night! Needless to say I stayed up till 1am making it. Bad mistake! But I got it finished!

Okay just to let you know, Im not very good at directions, I like to wing it, so if you need help with something please let me know! I will try to explain as best as I can. You can also check out the book!

You need:
fabric, extra wide double fold bias tape, sewing machine, rotary cutter, self healing mat, ruler
 I cut out a template of cardstock for my triangles. The sides are 8in and the top edge is 6in. I cut 2 pieces of fabric out of each design, for a total of 22 triangles. I sewed the wrong sides of the same fabric together, but did not sew the top, so I could flip it inside out. I made enough triangles so later on I could sew my son's name on.
 After I sewed all the triangles and turned them inside out, I pinned them inside the bias tape. Then I sewed along the edge of the biased tape making sure each triangle was sewed to the tape.
 I was really proud of the way it turned out! I got some fabric for my 2 girls and I will make one for each of them to use on their birthdays or to celebrate an special occasion. I thought how special it would be to use each banner as the kids get older and they can take it with them when they move out, maybe pass down to their kids!

Here are several sites with the same idea (and probably better directions)
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