Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pump It UP!!!

  Sorry it has been awhile!! I'm going to jump back in. I will be doing reviews of places to visit with the little ones. If you are outside of Anchorage and know of a great place to take little ones, please do a review for us and send it to so we can share!!!

  The first place I am going to review is Pump It Up. We went there last week for a playdate with AK Kids. This was the first time for all moms that went and what a hidden jewel!! I met a very lovely woman, Reyna, who owns Pump It Up. She is a mother of four so she saw my exhaustion hauling in my 3 little ones.

  First impression was how clean and open it was. There is a great little area to sit down and take off coats and shoes. This took awhile as my kids where running to go jump. We walked in the jump area and my 2 little ones took off. There are 4 large inflatables for the kids to play in. I loved that it was carpeted and there were small toys for the younger ones. There is also a WAY cool climbing wall that moves as you climb. Some of the moms were trying to do it.

  The area is the PERFECT size, not too big and not too small. I could stand in the center and look at each inflatable. Great way to watch kids instead of having to run after them. My daughter liked to run into the little snack area where you can bring your own snacks! Speaking of my daughter, she has special needs. It was great that she could go into an inflatable and not need my help. She was safe and she could work on her muscle development while having fun! I got in on the fun as well, those slides are slippery and fun! It was a great workout for me and the kids loved seeing me squeeze through the smaller areas.

  We will DEFINITELY be going back. The only negative that I found is the location was hard to find at first. They are located in the strip mall behind Guido's and Party Craft off International Airport. But I LOVED how friendly Reyna was, that is a must for me, to feel welcomed. My kids and I had a blast as well as the other moms.

 They have a Pop In Playtime schedule Monday through Friday 10a-6p, $8 per child, adults are free. Great way for the young ones to expel some energy on those cold days!!

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