Sunday, February 24, 2013

Skedaddle Guest Post

  When I had invisioned Alaska's Kids, I wanted to have a review on all the different playgrounds throughtout the state on the blog. Well 3 kids later and not enough time, I wasn't able to do it. But I was so thrilled to learn about Skedaddle! Skedaddle is a parent group that meets together OUTSIDE rain or shine, every Tuesday at a different park in Anchorage, and have reviews on the parks they visit.

 The group is part of Anchorage Outdoor Family Network , who you can also find on Facebook. Lia organizes Skedaddle and I'm so glad that there is a group where parents can connect while their kids burn off energy outside. Be sure to join a Skedaddle and meet some new friends!

Lia, take it away!

Hello!  I am Lia Keller, born and raised in Anchorage, AK.  I am now raising my two wild sons here in the place I grew up!  I also have an all-weather playgroup meeting each Tuesday at 10 in a playground around town. 

  I don’t have one favorite movie or even an all time favorite song.  My favorite color has held steady with “sea glass” (I guess technically that is about three or four colors) for a few years now.  So when Jamie asked me to write about my favorite playground in Anchorage, I was at a loss.  I love so many playgrounds in Anchorage - Lynn Ary in Turnagain, Carlson Park in Midtown and Nunaka Valley North on the Eastside to name a few. 

 Most Anchorage Parents are familiar with those playgrounds and might need a change of scenery.  So, instead of my most favorite park in Anchorage, I am presenting you with  my “list” of favorite parks in Anchorage.  I hope you find a new place to take your children and maybe add one to your list of favorite parks.

My kids want to explore - Johns Park

            Along with the typical playground equipment, this park sits along a stream and forrest.  There is even a trail loop with a bridge.

Time to kill downtown - Nulbay Park

            Most families flock to the old Elderberry Park when downtown.  Instead, I like to visit this park with whale sculptures you can climb.  There is grass and sand, so bring shovels and buckets. 

Sledding - Sitka Street Park

            Go past Russian Jack and steer clear of Service High School for sledding.  Sitka Street has a fantastic sledding hill.  Little kiddos can zip down the side and you can have fun on the front of the hill.  They are putting in a skate park this summer and I hope they leave my favorite hill alone!

Crisp, Fall day - Pop Carr Park

            The playground isn’t the best in town, but the trees are amazing.  Huge piles of leaves gather on the little hills.  There is a large grassy area and paved trail for little bikers.

My kids want trains - Alderwood Park

            Sunset HIll has a great little playground that has a train station and train with multiple cars.  There also are swings, grass and a bench for me to sit as the boys go on train trips all over the world.


Raining cats and dogs - Storck Park

            While my boys will play outside in any weather, I don’t mind a shelter over my head in the rain.  Stork park has a great picnic shelter that is even glassed one side blocking the wind.  The play areas are right next to the shelter so I can stay dry and knit as my boys run off their energy!

Thanks Lia!

If you want to see all the parks and playgrounds Anchorage has to offer, visit this website, Anchorage Park Foundation. And don't forget to get some fresh air with your little ones with Skedaddle!


  1. Thank you so much for these park recommendations! I have 2 boys too and we'll be moving to Anchorage in a few months. The older one loves playing in the rain and snow, and loves animals & trains. I know he'll love it there and it's exciting to find places to take him.

  2. Always looking for stuff for my 2 year old. He grows like a weed. I really need to get rid of so much stuff I swear the baby/kid stuff we arent using is taking over my house.

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