Friday, April 15, 2011

See Meez Kidz Giveaway (closed)

Do you ever see products and think "Genius! Why didn't I think of that!" That's how I feel about See Meez Kidz! They have cute hoodies and hats with reflective tape in it, which is GREAT for fall Alaskan days when we start losing all that light. I think this is so great especially in the fall when kids are playing outside. Who wants to wear a bright orange safety vest to be seen? I have 3 items to give away so read on to learn about this awesome product and learn how to win! Here is a pic of my son in his hat, warm, cute and reflective!

Please tell us about yourself and why you started the business.
My husband and I noticed a lot of people walking and bicycling in the long hours of darkness here in Alaska. We noticed how easily most of these people were not visible, even with automobile headlights and street lights. I especially watch for the children. Here in Alaska the winters are long with extended periods of darkness. We noticed that state, government and blue-collar workers were always wearing reflective clothing.  So, we wondered if there was fashionable reflective wear for everybody, especially children.  We researched the availability of reflective clothing and we were unable to find what we were looking for.

I saw an opportunity because my husband has worn safety gear for the last 20 years. I am more alert to reflective materials in general because of this. When you take the time to look around you see it on all kinds of things, like school buses, police cars, fire trucks, stop signs and even street signs.
  I looked for everyday clothing with safety in the design. I found nothing that fit the bill. I purchased some 3M “Scotchlite” Reflective Material and with the help of some dear friends started to make what I wanted. The idea was born, a product that provides 360 degrees of safety with 100% comfort.
Now I needed a name and that is cute. The name See Meez came from our then three-year old granddaughter, who always says “see me, see me” when she wants to be noticed or picked up.  Wow! That phrase was perfect for what we had in mind-practical, fashionable clothing with an emphasis on night safety. “Flashionable”
Finally, after over 3 years of research on reflective products, their versatility in clothing application and then coming up with some fun styles, I have started out with simple pieces with the anticipation of adding many more wonderful items. After a while we had enough to hand out and ask people what they thought of them,we were told we should be selling these things, so here we are. I hope everyone enjoys both the comfort and peace of mind “See Meez™’ brand “Flashionable™” apparel and accessories has to offer.

Where do I get these products?
See Meez products are available on line @ We are currently shopping local consignment opportunities in the Anchorage and Wasilla. We attend most local trade shows and are also sold through High country Kennels and Mushing events throughout Alaska. We donate headgear to local elementary schools, the willow jr.. dog mushing association, and vets helping heros.

What do you love about Alaska?
the challenging lifestyle

So here are the 3 clothing items that I am giving away!

This is a kids large hoodie. Notice the reflective tape on the sleeves? I had my 4 year old model them, great faces huh? A cool giveaway AND entertainment!

This is a kids large hat! My son wears a small and he still has room to grow in it. This has cool cross bones on it. Notice the reflective tape around the brim?

Yes, my son is wearing a girls jacket, don't tell my husband. =) Isn't it too cute! It has hearts on it. This is a kids small zip up hoodie. Notice the reflective tape around the arm cuffs. They actually have girls hoodies, the tape is thicker and is placed where you can see it better.

These are all handmade and great quality!! If you don't win one, be sure to buy one! I think they are very affordable. So you want to try and win one? Here are the rules:

1. Must live in Alaska
2. Follow our blog (Anonymous will not be counted)
3. Comment on which one you would like to be entered to win, WITH an email address that I can contact you with. (You can enter to win all 3 =))

The winner will be chosen randomly on Monday night, good luck!


  1. What a great idea! I love both the boys and girls but the boys would be prefer able in the near future.

  2. unique clothes! creative and smart ideas! i want them all but the small kids jacket would probably fit my 28 month old, naomi grace? my second pick would be the hat for my 7 month old son and my naomi could wear it too i that's a smart idea to get something both could wear!

  3. Awesome idea!! I really like both boy items. We have a 5 year old who is starting school next year & the hoodie would be great for him for walking back & forth to the bus stop.

  4. I love them all! Great idea. I guess I'd like to be entered for all three. So I'm not quite sure how to not be "anonymous" I don't have any of those accounts listed?

  5. Love the kids large hoodie!! I would love to be enterend for all three! Thanks for all you do for Alaska and our children! isaiah50v7 at yahoo dot com

  6. Great ideas!! Love the girls one for Hannah!!

  7. I love the hoodie and hat! I have two boys that love to play outside, that would be awesome for fall when it starts getting darker out.
    Great Idea!

  8. I like the hoodie and hat

  9. Oh wow, I love the girls jacket!!!!

  10. I would love to win the girls jacket :) or fb :)

  11. What a wonderful idea! Especially perfect for the older kids that are "too cool" for other kinds of safety products. I think my boys are probably too big for those larges though, so I'd love to win the girls jacket. :)

  12. This is a genius product! What a lifesaver in the winter! I'd like to enter for anything you'd like to give me ;) thanks for finding these great, unique products and posting them in the blog!

  13. These items are amazing.. The colors and designs are wonderful... I love the reflective tape for the kids.. its a great idea.. especially with my kids walking to school or playing at night.. I would like either one.. either for my sons or for my daughter.. Can't wait to see more of these intresting finds.. Love it.. Thanks

  14. BRAVO !

    I start a business in UK doing that !

    Chris & Cerra