Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Balance Bike

 With it being summer, we have been outside more and it has been so wonderful. Buddy has been riding his bike. We first started out with training wheels. Several of his friends were riding bikes without training wheels. I was pretty impressed with these 4 and 5 year olds. Yes, I know, don't compare. But I started thinking about those training wheels and how I think they are kind of a hindrance.

 I'm sure you've seen the balance bikes around. It's pictured below. Since Buddy already had a bike, I really didn't want to invest in another bike. I found this video: It shows how they teach kids how to ride bikes by taking off the training wheels and pedals.

 So off went the training wheels and pedals! Buddy practiced balancing on his own. He was figuring it our himself. In the picture below, you can see his pedals missing. This was a great way to save money! Peanut also has been using a balance bike at therapy. It's still a little heavy for her though.

 I kid you not, it only took Buddy about a week of riding to learn how to ride a bike. Daddy put the pedals back on, Buddy threw the training wheels away, and off he went! I was so impressed that it didn't take long!

 Now he is learning the basics of safety. There is still some falls as he is figuring it out. But he has been so proud of himself, he tells everyone we come across!

 I had to post a photo of my Peanut riding! She is getting strong enough to push the pedals! Therapy really pays off!


  1. I had training wheels, and dabnabit people liked it! As in it was horrible.

  2. We got our kids a balance by Glide Bikes the Mini Glider. It was amazing how the kids took to it right away and wanted to ride all the time. My daughter slept with hers for a while. We got her the Metallic Hot Pink to match her pink collection. We also notices that our kids were able to play soccer better and are now the best kids on the team years later. Learning to balance and developing gross motor skills at such a young age helps with all kinds of sports as well as learning. I highly recommend getting your kids started early 2 or 3 at most. Now we all can got for family bike rides too.

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  4. this is a good way to learn bikes and I like your strategy.

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