Monday, February 6, 2012

Water Fun

 Looking to entertain your kids so you can get dinner going? Give this a go. But first, you gotta let go of that control freak inside you who doesn't like messes. You know who you are.....

 Water!!! You all got this, right? I know what you are thinking. Why would a sane mother do this? Some of you might even be looking at this picture and laughing because you know it would be dumped within 3 seconds. This post isn't for you, this one is. At least if ice is dumped out, it will be easier to clean up.

  Grab a storage bin and fill with water. I did not fill it very high, don't forget you gotta dump it out. Place a towel or blanket underneath so you don't freak out when water does come out cause it will. Then, I gave them cups, bowls, clean sponges and let them go at it. Kaden grabbed some super heroes. You can also grab clean, used water bottles and poke holes in the bottom and sides. Fun to watch the water come out of the holes. You have tons of things in your house you can use, you don't have to go to the store to buy any of this stuff!

 There was a lot of pouring cup to cup. I had to remind Brooke and Kora not to drink it since all those hands have been in there, eew. It's like when they try to drink bath water, gross!! Do your kids do that? Anyways, they just sat and poured. I think it was very calming for them. At least it was calming for me. There was no yelling and fighting, just the sound of water being poured.

 When they are done, you get to take off their wet clothes because they will get wet. Then you get a cute, naked baby running around the house! This one got into my spices. Have fun playing in the water and dreaming of summer!

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  1. What a creative idea! At ages 13 and 11, my kids are too old for this now but would have loved playing in the water (outside the bathtub) as toddlers. Wish your site had been around back then.
    -Chris Lundgren
    Eagle River Live