Monday, November 28, 2011

Painting With Kids

 How was your Thanksgiving? Ours went well. Ate too much. Gotta make sure I keep to working out now that Body Back session is over. A new one is starting in Jan. I'll let you know my stats tomorrow.

 It's been pretty cold around here lately wouldn't you agree? Yea, yea I know we are in Alaska. But I don't remember it being this cold almost every day in November last year! So we have been inside a lot. I'm trying to get outside more, but I dislike putting on the kids snow gear very much. Who is going to invent a suit that has built in boots, gloves, and a hat? That would make my life a whole lot easier!

 Okay, so yes we've been inside a lot. Arts and crafts going on over at this household. So I wanted to share an easy craft to do with the kiddos. Just FYI, prepare BEFORE you tell the kids that you are doing this. I 'bout threw my hands up and said forget it because it was taking me too long and kids were starting to get inpatient. Wait I guess that would mean that I was getting inpatient....anyways....

 Items needed:
-paint (acrylic, finger paint, etc)
-paintbrushes (hands)
-masking tape

 Grab masking tape and cut out your kids name. I was also thinking of just using words like "love" or "play." This part took the longest so I suggest preparing that before having the kids come to paint. The curves were hard so I was getting a little frustrated with Brookes name. If you got a kid that has "tim" as a name, you got it easy!

 Then let them choose the colors and paint! I got the idea off Pinterest and they used finger paints, but I didn't have any. I thought acrylic would be a little easier and not as messy.

 Kaden is all about spiderman, can you tell? This is also great for kids working on motor development skills. Brooke enjoyed painting and we were working on using those muscles!

 Let it dry and then peel off the masking tape. Viola! Great kid art to hang up in their room!

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