Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Denali Parent Coaching

 What a great time to talk about Denali Parent Coaching! Alice, from DPC, is offering a 6 week workshop called  "Parenting With Purpose; Calm, Consistent, Connected-the ScreamFree Way." It will be held on Wednesday evening beginning in March at O'Malley Elementary. You can contact her at  907-868-6933 or denaliparentcoaching.@gmail.com

 What is "parent coaching" you ask? Well I interviewed Alice to tell us what it involves, read on!

Please tell us a little about yourself and your qualifications.
I've lived in AK for 27 years, am married and have daughters aged 17 and 20. I grew up in Seattle, went east to Tufts University for a bachelors degree in Child Study, and have worked with and for families ever since. I have always had a passion for caring for young children-as a teen I split my weekend nights between social and babysitting--and often chose babysitting over social! For 30 years I've worked to support families as a caregiver, a parent educator, a preschool teacher; I co-ran an infant/toddler center and eventually had my own babies and became a home mom--my initial dream in life:-) As my daughters grew, I began volunteering in Providence's Center for Child Development as a mentor for other caregivers, and 4 years ago discovered the Parent Coaching Institutes graduate level year long certification program (partnered with Seattle Pacific University). Everything about it spoke to my heart and soul, and I jumped on board. What a transformational year for me--feeling so right and energized about what I was learning and doing; being connected with many other like-minded professionals; growing from within. My business, Denali Parent Coaching, has been up and running since June of 2008. Getting the resource of Parent Coaching out to the world has been a mission for all of us PCI Certified Parent Coaches. And it seems to be working! For the past three years I've grown as a marketer, presenter, workshop facilitator, and parent coach. I am grateful for the opportunity to work along side parents as they "reach new heights in their parenting."

What is parent coaching? Parent Coaching is a collaborative relationship that supports parents through the challenges of parenting.  I speak only for PCI Certified Parent Coaches--and by hiring one a parent knows they are getting a highly trained professional. Through teamwork parent and coach discover the strengths in a family, what is working, and develop and implement strategies that address their specific needs. The result of the coaching relationship is positive, lasting change, greater satisfaction as a parent, and healthy, more positive relationships within the family. Ultimately a parent will feel calmer, more connected and consistent with their children

How do I know that I need parent coaching?
 A parent can benefit from coaching when they are actively seeking help; when they feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused; are wanting change and are having difficulty creating it. Often this is a parent who has gotten advice from multiple sources, yet nothing seems to work for long.
Usually a parent needs only to call and talk with me to discover if coaching is the right fit for them. I do offer a 30 minute complimentary call above and beyond an initial conversation 

What does your service include and what are the prices?

My services include:
    -individual/couples coaching via phone (though with some exception can be done in person)
    -group coaching with small groups of parents with similar issues
   -6 session workshop based on ScreamFree Parenting by Hal Runkel
   For individual/couples coaching I charge $80 per hour long session, which includes an extensive email follow-up and unlimited email contact between sessions. Most coaching relationships last 6-12 sessions (weekly initially, every 2-3 weeks near end).
   For my 6 session workshop I charge $150.00/person, and that includes the book and workbook.
   Presentations typically run $100-$150/hour depending on needs, situation, etc. This is an area that is still unfamiliar to me, so I'm basing the fees off of colleagues of mine.
   Group coaching can be done in a number of ways--currently a preschool is paying me $200 for 4 hour long "Parent Shares" which really are group coaching without the email follow-up. For a small group of parents with similar issues wanting multiple sessions, I would charge less per person then with the individual/couples coaching. The amount would be based on the number of participants--a group of 4 could expect to perhaps pay $20/person per session, for instance.
Another benefit to hiring a PCI Certified Parent Coach® is because coaching is typically done over the telephone, a parent can hire one from anywhere in the states. Many of us have niches, such as, but not limited to:
   -infant/toddler ages; school aged; teens; young adult
    -special needs
    -ADHD and other learning challenges
    -step families, single parents
I am considered a 'generalist' for I enjoy working with parents of any age child and a myriad of challenges. If I am the wrong fit for a client, I can easily connect them to other colleagues.

Thank you Alice for your time! Be sure to "like" her on Facebook for tips and articles. Be sure to check out her website for more information and to contact- Denali Parent Coaching.

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