Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 8 A Dozen Custom Cookies from The Frosted Moose

 Have you tried to recreate something from Pinterest? I have and it generally doesn't turn out like the picture. I'm sure you've seen all the Pinterest fail photos floating around. This hair flip is my favorite. Just click on the photo to see other hilarious fails. All that to say, have you ever frosted cookies? I have. Let's just say I'm glad the kids help so I can blame the cookies I decorated on them.

 Enter amazing people like Kelly from The Frosted Moose to actually "nail" the beautiful decorated sugar cookie.  I'll let the photos do the talking.

  See. Amazing. They look so pretty, it would be hard to eat them! The Frosted Moose just opened in Anchorage. She's only on Facebook and takes orders via email Let's learn more about this new cookie queen!

 Why did you start your business?
 I have always enjoyed baking, and I've been decorating cookies now for several years. I blame this whole starting a business thing on the fact that my three children sleep through the night, and now I have nothing to do! I'm also a part time night nurse that can run on very little zzzzzzs. The idea of running my own business has always intrigued me, so when the cottage industry laws went into effect (allowing me to work from my home kitchen), it was the perfect opportunity to 'dip my toe in', and see if this bakery thing will go somewhere.

 What do you love about Alaska?

 I love the ability to live just minutes from hiking, fishing, camping spots, even though I'm in a big city! I love the crazy adventures found here, hiking to old mines, fishing with 5 foot nets, moose eating the shrubs! I love that(some of) my family is here, I love that friends up here become like family. There's so much to love...

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  1. I would choose a marine animal theme for my son's upcoming 11th birthday. These look wonderful!

  2. I would choose a medical theme since I am a nurse too!! Great job Kelly!!

  3. It would be a toss up between space and salmon!

  4. I love these!!
    Melissa Nove

  5. I really like the Christmas cookies, however if I could choose anything I would choose gymnasts for my daughters gymnastics team.