Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

 Hello all! I'm back from my trip and getting back in the swing of things!

 I wanted to post about our trip to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center we took this summer before it got colder out. You can still visit this cool place in the winter, it's open year round, but I think it's more grand in the summer and fall. Just my opinion. Oh, don't forget to "like" AWCC on Facebook to read their up to date info on animals and events.

 AWCC is an hour south of Anchorage, before the Portage Glacier turn off. AWCC and Portage Glacier makes a great day trip. The rates are $12.50 per person, kids 4-12 are $9 and kids under 4 are free. There is a maximum charge of $35 per car though.

 AWCC sits in a beautiful, scenic area off of Turnagain Arm. It really is breathtaking with the mountains surrounding you. You can drive around the park and get out at each animal exhibit or park and walk. We walked because it was such a nice day and I didnt want to load/unload 3 kids in car seats.

 The center takes in orphaned or hurt animals then rehabilitates them . Each of the animals starts with a sad story, then ends on a happy note because they are living and well taken care of. There were lots of baby animals to see.

 There is a nice gift shop that has lots of Alaska souvenirs as well as a small snack shop. It is a very clean place to visit and I think a must see for those out of town visitors. The only thing that I did not like was the road being what everyone walked on. With 3 kids under the age of 5, it was stressful for me when cars passed. Large tour buses go through there as well. You just have to be sure you are paying attention when the kids are out walking around.

 Be sure to wear clothes that can get dirty. I wish I would of brought the kids rain boots. I tried to keep Brooke out of the first couple puddles. Then I got tired of that because they were everywhere. So I let her go for it. She had to jump in every single one, so she brought up the rear.

 After we ate lunch on the front porch of the AWCC, we drove over to the Beggich Boggs Visitor Center in Portage Glacier. I'll write more on that visit another day. I need to get to bed before my kids wake me up!

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  1. This is amazing place i think the people working there are so lucky to be around the animals.