Friday, July 6, 2012

Color Me Mine

 Looking for something artsy fartsy to do with your little ones? Take them to Color Me Mine! My step mom was here in April so we took the kids to paint a plate for my dad for Father's Day. This would be a great place to take the little ones to do Christmas presents.

I'll admit, I was a little nervous taking 4 small ones into a store with breakable stuff. I envisioned paying for lots of broken pottery, lots of crying and screaming (from me). BUT they actually did really well! I encourage you to have in mind what you want to do so you can just go for it when you get there. The staff was very friendly and didn't freak out when we walked in with 4 kids all under the age of 5. While we were getting paint, the kids got to color on the butcher paper that covered the tables.

 There are a lot of figurines to choose from as well as dinnerware. I think we will go back to paint coffee mugs for Christmas gifts. Several of the pottery pieces have been painted so you can get ideas. It was very clean and colorful. My niece is painting with my brother in the above photo. We let the kids pick out two colors to paint with. My son chose blue and red, Spiderman colors.

 I was also expecting kids to eat paint and get it everywhere. They surprised me yet again! They were so well behaved and no eating of the paint happened!

After their masterpieces where painted, I painted one of their hands and plopped it on the plate and added their names. The plates turned out adorable! Another idea is to go to Color Me Mine with some friends and paint a birthday plate. I painted one and we use it for everyones birthday breakfast. Special tradition that was started when I was a in college.

 I'm so sorry this photo isn't turned. This was the only photo that was giving me trouble but I had to show you how they turned out! So instead of throwing my computer through the window, I thought it best that I just say sorry. Didn't they turn out cute! This was before they go in the kiln to get fired, then you have to go back to pick the plates up. Sorry I don't have a picture of how they turned out. Color Me Mine shipped them straight to my dad in Ohio so I didn't have to lug in 3 kids to pick them up.

 Be sure to check out Color Me Mine's website. They host parties, hold monthly events, and have specials going on all the time! Happy painting!

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