Saturday, November 6, 2010

Everyday Minerals = Fabulous Everday Makeup!

When it comes to makeup I guess you could say I’m somewhat of a collector. Okay, so maybe hoarder might be a bit more appropriate of a word. I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) trying to find a perfect makeup which let me tell you, gets a bit difficult when you’re a mom!  A few of the things that are important for me in a makeup are: 

Cost - I hate paying ridiculous prices for makeup! I LOVE my makeup but I also have to think realistically about what I can spend money on and more often than not, makeup isn’t near the top of that list.

Ease of Application - I’m a mom and I have a daughter who loves to imitate me. This means that most mornings she’s sitting on the counter “helping” me put on makeup or pretending to do her own. I need makeup that’s easy to apply, long lasting, and not so complicated that getting interrupted every 30 seconds is a big deal.

Decent Ingredients - It’s a shame how many every day beauty products (including things like toothpaste and shampoo!) have harsh and damaging chemicals. Because I use makeup products every day, I want them to be as natural as possible.

Good for my skin type – Now I’m hoping its not just me but becoming a mom has done a number on my skin! I used to have clear smooth ‘normal’ skin but that’s not the case anymore! Hormones have done a number and I’m still trying to figure out my ‘new’ skin. I need a makeup that is going to cover imperfections without being thick or cakey, a makeup that is good for my ever changing combination skin, and one that won’t clog my pores or cause breakouts. 

Bonus - Now this isn’t really a huge deal for me and not something I would specifically go out of my way to find but if I can find a makeup whose company is great to their employers, their customers, and the environment it’ll definitely give them the edge!

Well ladies, I’m excited to share with you that I’ve actually found a makeup that meets ALL OF THOES REQUIREMENTS!!! I really can’t believe it myself. But I have. And I’m going to tell you all about it!

Everyday Minerals is an amazing company with an amazing product. Why are they so amazing? Well let me tell you.

Free of nanotechnology. This basically means that Everyday Minerals is a better option in mineral makeup. Their avoidance of using nanotechnology means that there aren’t any harmful particles working their way into your lungs and bloodstream. (For an interesting article on use of nano particles in mineral makeup click here)
No Carmine. Carmine is often used for pigment in beauty products and while it poses no health risks, it is obtained from an insect. Not a good option if you’re living a vegan or cruelty-free lifestyle.
No Bismuth oxychloride. Bismuth is found in most mineral make ups (including bareMinerals) even though it’s considered to be a skin irritant! It can cause rashes and irritation and even cystic acne (No thanks!). It’s actually a byproduct of lead and copper processing. Definitely something I want to avoid! 
Plus: No Fragrance. No Animal by products. No silicone. No lake dyes.

                                                     Now onto the fun stuff! 
Everyday minerals has 35 different base shades! I usually have a hard time finding makeup that actually matches my skin tone but with them it wasn’t a problem. To make it even easier to find a shade that worked for me I took advantage of their $5 “Try Me” kits. They’ve done the hard work for you and put together some amazing sample sizes to help you find your perfect shade, and at only five bucks a pop there isn’t really any risk!  The best part for me is that I even managed to get away with using some of the shades that didn’t quite work for me as concealer!
They also offer face powders, blush and bronzer, eye shadow (over 90 shades!), and lipstick. Oh and their brushes are amazing. Totally affordable and the softest and best quality I’ve ever used.
Another Plus for me was the amazing assortment of kits and sample sizes for amazing prices! A travel size sample is only $4.50 and will last a long time! A full size base is only $12 and last just as long if not longer than brands that cost twice as much. I picked myself up one of the “Guy’s Mini Kits” and for only 12 bucks scored a lip balm, a finishing powder, a bronzer, and an amazing mini kabuki brush! Be sure to check out their other amazing kits, all under $20! 

Here’s a list of my personal faves that I use every day, plus my personal tips on how to apply a simple, natural, 10 minute face! (It would probably be 5 but I’m factoring in some extra time for us mommies!)

Start with a fresh clean and moisturized face! I’m actually loving using my daughter’s California Baby shampoo and body wash as a face wash right now! And thanks to Richelle over at Essential Esthetics by Richelle I’m newly hooked on Starflower Essentials moisturizer!

-First I dab a bit of the Sunlight Color Corrector on any blemished or red areas then I take a nice fluffy powder brush (try this one) and lightly apply my base. I’m loving the Semi Matte base. It’s got great coverage and controls shine without looking cakey, heavy or powdery. 
The trick is to dab your brush in the powder, tap off any extra, then apply in a soft and circular motion. You can always build up the layer for better coverage but don’t rush it and just slough in on, you’ll end up looking chalky!

-Next I apply a VERY small amount of bronzer which gives you a great glow year round AND perks up that tired mommy face! Check out this bronzer OR if you’re new to bronzer or just want a slight glow I also love the Soft Bronzer.
My trick for bronzer is to just lightly dab it onto a brush, blow off the makeup until you think there isn’t any left on it (trust me there still is) then apply it in the shape of a “3”(or a backwards 3 on the left side) starting at your temple, onto your cheek, then down your jaw line.

-Next move onto the eyes. I first cover my entire lid with a light shade such as Rare Silk or for a bit of shimmer Queen Anne's Lace then add a darker shade such as At The Zoo into the crease blending until evenly applied. Adding a bit of a liner adds a much needed pick me up to tired eyes and is easier to do then you think! Take a brush like this, swirl a tiny amount of water and a bit of eye shadow in the lid then slowly apply just above your upper lashes! (you can use the same colour as you did in the crease, or for a fun shimmer I like Oasis) Then just add some mascara (I like Covergirl lash blast).

-Add some amazing lip balm or even one of their great lipsticks, for a great nude shade I'm loving Just Whistle, and you’re good to go for a whole day of mommy fabulousness!

So all in all I have to say that Everyday Minerals is BY FAR my new favourite makeup. Even with what I consider to be atrocious shipping charges (about $10 per order! EEK!) it’s still worth it. Oh and when I place an order, it's shipped asap and it arrived within a week! Even to Alaska!! A HUGE plus for us impatient mamas! “A  vegan line, offering high quality mineral makeup at a price affordable to all women” how can you go wrong?

Now I DID contact Everyday Minerals to tell them that I wanted to do a review. And they DID send me an amazing full size blush, travel size eye shadow, and a lipstick to try out and review. BUT I decided to not use the products they sent me and to write my review on the products that I use every day instead! Why? So I can offer up the products they sent me in a giveaway for you amazing Alaska’s Kids Readers! Check back for details on that amazing giveaway, coming soon!

Be sure to check out Everyday Minerals online at 

Note: I was compensated with a few products from Everyday Minerals to write a review, however, the opinions expressed are solely my own and were in no way influenced by the generosity of Carina and her team at Everyday Minerals. As well, each person and skin type are different so I can’t guarantee that the makeup and techniques that work for me are going to work for you. The best thing you can do is to just try out the products and tips for yourself and see what works best for you!


  1. Thank you for sharing this!! I have been looking for a good makeup. I don't wear a lot, but I think I would wear more if I found some I liked and made me look good ha! :)

  2. Whoohoo, I'm diving in and ordering some! I need a pick me up about now. Thanks for digging into this Charissa!!

  3. Sounds awesome, just like bare minerals but cheaper, definitely looking into it, thanks

  4. I have been using this line for 4 years and I still LOVE it!